Best Grammatically Incorrect Compliment Evar!

Your Awesome.

My awesome what?  My awesome is dripping on my shoes?  My awesome is sticking out?

Oh I get it!  I totally own awesome.  And since it is not a state of being and instead something that is mine, I shall rub my awesome all over my readers.  And now…

You’re Awesome

Because I own it, and I’m giving it to you.  Totally free of charge.  Your welcome*.

*Yeah, I know.  So what are you going to do with it now that I have decreed that you own it?

How Many People Want To Buy Guns?

This began as a comment to Stranger’s post of the same title. It’s a question that is difficult to answer, but it brings up a good story that happened just today. Forgive me when I ramble a bit. Or more than a bit to give you the background.

So, without further adieu…

That is a very interesting question. I was just talking with my husband about some interesting events today. Let me give you some background. I was not raised around guns. My mother was afraid of them for some, still unknown, reason. My dad shot quite a bit in his younger days on a farm in Ca and then in the Air Force during training. (He did not ever fire a round as active duty during the Vietnam War while stationed in Thailand, but those are his stories to tell and I hope to facilitate that at some point.)

Dad had some trepidation about me getting into shooting, but it was quickly dispelled when he saw how careful and thorough we were with gathering information. Honestly, I have to admit that I had quite a few misgivings about jumping into gun ownership early on. I had yet to become acquainted with the gun-blogosphere. In fact, I was still quite new to the bloggy world at the time.

Mom was freaked out. She tried, valiantly, not to show it, but I could see. They made her nervous. I don’t know if she has had a bad experience at some point, but she is nervous around them. She has gotten a lot more comfortable, but she’s a LONG way from gunniehood (new word!). She wouldn’t even touch one at the time, but I have since gotten her to shoot once. Only once. They still make her nervous, and that’s okay. She gets why a person would want to own one and is all in with the gun rights crowd. She just doesn’t want one herself.

We have become friends with the owner of the local gun range. I mean, good friends. I mean, this is a guy that I will see when I am visiting his house of fun and noise and hug him. Do you hug your local gun dealer? Kiss him on the cheek occasionally? Well maybe you should. Just saying.

He contacted us a few weeks ago regarding a story that a local reporter wanted to do for fall sweeps. ‘Kids and Guns, Not What You Think’. He had worked with the reporter previously and felt he would not snow us into some horribly spun story making us look like borderline crazy folks. He wanted to know if we would be willing to interview with him. We agreed to it and gave him permission to pass on our contact information.

We interviewed in the studio a couple of weeks ago. (He offered to come to the house, but YIKES! A Camera Crew in My Living Room!) We met at the gun range this morning so he could get some footage of Isaac shooting. Isaac did great, BTW. Especially considering the stress of a camera being shoved every direction in his personal space. I’ve got pictures to share, but that will be another post. But here is his target as a sneak peak.

Isaac's Target

My parents came to watch their grandson shoot on camera. In spite of their misgivings, they are proud of their grandson. (See, this is where I begin to pull the threads together.)

After the shoot, the owner of the range came to chat with us. He wanted to know how our interview had gone. I told him about what kind of questions had been asked and overall feelings. (Still nervous, but I don’t think he’s going to spin us badly.) I explained how I hadn’t been raised around guns. I motioned to my parents and said that they still didn’t own any. Jovial gun range owner grinned his best salesman grin and told them that we needed to fix that.


My mother didn’t clam up. She didn’t act nervous. She just laughed and nodded. My dad told about how he shot a lot as a kid on the farm. (Something I didn’t know until today.) Mom grew up on a farm as well. Her dad was a sharpshooter in WWII. I don’t know why she became so afraid of them, but it is good that she is getting past it. She even got it when I said that I got up early enough to do my hair and throw on some make-up on a Saturday before going to the range. She knew that I did it because the masses have a stereotype about gun owners that I don’t fit. And that it is good that I want to do what I can to challenge that stereotype.

So, long winding tangent to get to my answer to the initial question: One more. Always one more as long as we keep reaching out. We win. Every time we show that we don’t fit in the box the antis want to put us in, we win. And it’s one more household that considers gun ownership. Is my mom considering it? Not yet. But she is on our side. And I consider that a win too.

*Duuude! You just read through 880 words of rambling from me. Kudos to you. You deserve something. Tell ya what. I will personally bead you, at no additional charge, an EvylRobot logo keychain similar to the hangtag on this purse if you order a holster from and mention to him that you have read this post and know who in my immediate family was most frightened by me getting into firearms. Tell him I said I would make it for you. Colors will be by my discretion, but don’t hesitate to request what you want and I will attempt to accommodate. I have limited bead inventory currently. Yeah, that’s almost 1000 words now. I love you people.

Friends and Family Getting Artsy

My sis-in-law and a very good friend who is practically family have each started doing a little business online.  I am receiving no compensation for telling you about them, but I wanted to help them out and let you know what they are doing.

Sis-in-law made a little design she is putting in t-shirts through Cafe Press.  She is also doing some knitting which will be going on sale later.  She made me a set of arm warmers for Christmas and they are fantastic.  Please visit her cafe press store.  Once the knitting is available, I’ll let you know.

Jeni Smathers is an Air Force wife.  They are currently stationed in Italy.  She makes awesome jewelry and taught me to do beadwork.  Check out her ArtFire store.

Save the Puppies; Kill the Zombies

Every day that you don’t order a copy of the Baen version of MHI, transdimensional sky-squids will eat a sack of puppies… and that just ain’t cool. (via the author’s blog)

So I preordered this today

Yep, you should too.  Don’t believe me, go here for a sample chapter.  Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.

If you absolutely cannot wait for new one to be released, Amazon says they have 2 copies from the original printing.

See that price tag? I can get a lot of stuff that goes bang for that. I’ll wait until next summer to read it, but get your pre-order in now!

Not Taking Any Bull! With Pictures

Oh yeah! Check me out.  Wearing my new favorite T-shirt.

Yes, as a matter of fact, that is me riding a mechanical bull.  Here’s more.

The next one is sure to make the Googler’s happy.  Since they continue to find my blog by searching for ‘Jennifer’s ass.’

And then I fall.  Truth be told, I fell a lot.  But this is all the photographic evidence.

They said if I wrinkled my nose, it would help.  They lied.  Making faces is always supposed to help.

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Thank You!

I am amazed and humbled by my readers. Honestly, I nearly choked on my beer when I sat down to check my statistics this evening. There were 303 hits on Friday and another 112 on Saturday. Wow! You’ve thrown my average, and I’m thinking that I had better get some more content up for you to enjoy. Please do let me know if there are things you would like to see. I won’t promise to hit every reader suggestion, but I will read them. You can find my email in the “About Me” section on the sidebar. I also see and read each comment as it comes across.

As you may have noticed, I joined the BlogHer network. Not only do they serve nice ads that can help me offset my time spent here, but they also have a headline rotation of other members. They have requested that I ask my readers to please fill out a survey. Its completely voluntary, but it will help me and the other members to hopefully improve our content and land more ads. I promise you, if I am making money, I will write lots more. So, if you are so inclined, please click the picture to take the survey. Thanks again!

Randomness update

I know, blog entries tapered off a bit. I got blocked on my work computer. I should be flattered. Either I am considered ‘objectionable material’ or enough of my co-workers were reading me that I qualify as a distraction. That does make it more difficult to write a daily entry though since I was doing it on my lunch break. That’s alright, I have plenty of home machines from which to keep all of my very appreciated readers in tune with what is going on with me. I also believe that there are additional options for posting my regular ramblings. I know that you don’t want to miss a single day of my opinions. I own a Blackberry and can type with my thumbs.

I have a question for you all, but I have to give you some background. I have a strange interest in the lives of celebrities. Not because I care, but it’s like watching a train wreck. These people don’t effect my life in anyway. So, I heard this today. It was all over the internet. My question is: Since my first thought was ‘I really hope they finished filming the Batman movie since the preview was freaking cool’ and not anything thing like ‘Oh that’s so sad and tragic and he was so young,’ does that make me some kind of callous bitch? Or does it just mean I am grounded in the fact that Hollywood personalities have no bearing on my life beyond the entertainment they provide? Thoughts to ponder. You can tell me I’m a callous bitch in the comments. I’m a big girl, I can take it. And no, the sad and tragic thought wasn’t even second. My second thought was ‘Huh, I thought the next celebrity to drop would be Britney.’

So, I suppose RIP Heath Ledger. May gay cowboys guide you to your eternal rest. Well…..If I wasn’t a callous bitch before, that comment did it.

By the way, a friend of a friend died today too. It didn’t make the news, but I think she made something of her life. She was the mother of two and helped the local church youth group in regular fundraisers. I know she touched lives and do mourn her passing. I had a martini with a church elder(the friend in common) on Friday night and had the blessing of learning something about her before she passed. I regret that I didn’t have the opportunity to know her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends in this difficult time.

In reading today, I have learned that Heath Ledger seems to have been an upstanding guy. Since there is a shortage of them in Hollywood, he will be missed. Apparently, his kindness touched many lives in and out of Hollywood.