Living In Infamy?

Or is the giant going back to sleep?

Few survivors remain to tell their story.  Schools talk more about how horrible it was to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki than the very good reasons we did it.  It’s a sobering thought to think that my grandchildren will never talk to a WWII vet.  They’ll never hear those stories first hand.

If we’re very lucky, they won’t be veterans of a world war themselves, but you know what they say about those that forget history.

I direct you over to OldNFO’s place for your history lesson for today.  Pull your kids off the video game and tell them about it because I’d be willing to bet the school won’t.

We answered the Japanese attack with awesome force. Today, they are one of our greatest allies.

We answered the terrorist attack by submitting to intrusive scans and pat downs. And the terrorist groups still hate us.

Sigh. Well Darn

Turns out, she’s backing out.  Says she’s got other commitments.  To her credit, she apparently wants to meet with him another time, but she won’t be available for the ball.

But maybe Justin Timberlake will accept the invitation of Cpl. Kelsey De Santis.  And he probably should.  She could totally kick his ass.

Corporal Kelsey De Santis — the only female currently serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico — turns the tables on Sgt. Scott Moore’s wingman Justin Timberlake by asking him to attend the Marine Corps Ball with her.


Entertainment Monkey Does Good

Mila Kunis is hot.  This is a fact.

Also, she’s kind of awesome.  Why, you ask?

Because she saw this.

And said yes.

I hope she and Scott Moore have a lovely time at the Marine Corps Ball.

Now if only Natalie Portman was going too.  Rawr!

Memorial Day

Remembering those that sacrificed everything to protect our freedoms that we enjoyed so throughly this weekend. A special thank you to all who have served. And my heart goes out to the loved ones left behind when their soldiers didn’t return.
Sure we can enjoy our BBQ’s and trips to the lake, but remember there were, and still are, men and women making the ultimate sacrifice so that we can.

I’m Pissed Too

Old NFO has a post up that needs your attention and action.   Go read.

Frank Buckles deserves this honor.  All our veterans deserve the honor of having this man lie in state in the rotunda.  He didn’t ask to become a representative of all service members, but that is exactly what he became.  And he was the very last of the survivors of the war to end all wars.

This is not the time to play political games.

Thank You

It’s Veteran’s Day. Remember.

The fact that any of us can sit behind our keyboards and rattle out whatever we want to broadcast over the world wide web is because someone, somewhere sat in harsh conditions to protect that right to free speech.  Someone left their family so yours (and mine) could sleep soundly at night.  Someone was willing to train their body and mind to become a warrior for a cause greater than themselves.

Today, there are spouses and children, mothers and fathers, siblings and friends anxiously waiting by a phone or computer for word from a loved one.  Hoping each contact isn’t the last.  Each day there are joyful reunions and tearful realizations.

For all you’ve done, and for all that you do, Thank You.

So Now We’re Paper Towels

I’m not quilted, nor much of a picker-upper, and not particularly thick.  I would also point out that I’m not especially absorbent.

And yet Dear Reader seems to believe that we could absorb a terrorist attack.  Really.

The entire comment, made in an interview with Woodward this past June, is that the U.S. “can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever … we absorbed it and we are stronger.”

We did not ‘absorb’ 9/11.  We were and are pissed about it.  We mourned it.  We survived it.  We certainly did not ‘absorb’ it.  I’ve never known a paper towel to launch an offensive against the refrigerator after a particularly large spill.  Even though the offense likely came from there, and it contains all the means to spill again.

Don’t think my analogy is intended to cheapen the terrorist attack of 9/11.  Like many of you, I say in horror on that day as the events played out in real time on a rabbit eared TV that seemed to materialize out of the silence of my office. I went home to my family and hugged them tighter, thankful that I had one to go home to.  And on that day, it almost felt that luxury could be fleeting.  It was clear that we were at war.

My analogy is intended to point out what an awful turn of phrase Dear Reader is using to describe how we managed that terror.  He’s turned hard work and bitter tears into nothing more than some unfortunate mess that needed to be cleaned up.  It’s like telling women to lay down and don’t fight the rapist.  And frankly, I’m disgusted.  An act of war, and that is what the attack was, is not a thing to ever be absorbed.  It is to be resisted and lashed out against.  Yes, I believe any act of war against the United States should be returned 10 fold to any that committed it.  That is a far cry from absorbing it. Absorbing is passive; our reaction to attack can never be.

No, Mr. President, we cannot absorb another terrorist attack.  And if you are not man enough to fight against it, then you should step aside for someone that is.