Don’t Grit Your Teeth and Push Through The Pain

So everyone knows I screwed something up in my back.  Pinched a nerve.  Pulled something in the trapezius* family.  Something.

You know what happens if you are feeling kinda better and take an all day defensive handgun class? Flinch. And pain.  Like can’t get out of bed without help kind of pain.

And more flinch.  No matter how much you think about applying pressure to get the surprise break on that trigger, pain is an extra effective teacher.  Even though your instructor spends special time with you with an awesome drill that you will make sure to use on some new shooters, you will fall back to the flinch.

And then you get to meet your freaking deductible in medical bills.  Fan-freaking-tastic. Not to mention shooting like crap because raising your left elbow high enough to deal with recoil causes your neck to spasm. Like screw up your sight picture violent spasm.

I know.  I said I was going to go ahead and do the class because an assailant was not going to ask me if I was feeling up to being assaulted in that moment.  It’s true that they won’t, but you are not likely to need 250 rounds to deal with that assailant either.

The instruction was top notch, really.  I had a couple of stages where I was hitting an index card like a pro. When I did everything he told me to do, I shot like a rock star.  And then I wanted to cry. If you can’t bring your support arm perpendicular to your body without wincing, you’re not in shape for training.  Get healthy, then train.

This is yet another time that I am telling you to learn from my mistakes.  It is going to take a lot of practice for me to actually learn the skills that were taught and overcome the bad habits that the pain pushed.  I’ve never had a flinch. And yet, now I’ve got to beat one.  Don’t make the same mistake.

*which apparently is going to take a while to heal.  Dammit.

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Me?  Well let’s see.  Tomorrow, I will be taking Defensive Handgun with Will Andrews of Oklahoma Shooting Skills. Will is a great guy and a skilled instructor.  I’ve taken his Home Defense Shotgun class twice (the second time while wearing 3 inch heels) and come away with much improved skills each time.  This will be the first handgun class I’ve taken from him.  I will wear far more sensible shoes. Yeah, the back is still giving me fits, but I figure bad guys aren’t going to ask me if I’m feeling up to being assaulted today, so I will train as I am.


Oh hell yes!

And another view

Three of those shots went into the engine block of a 240sx

ETA: The rifle isn’t mine, alas. It belongs to Daniels of Among The Leaves.

Mythbusting: FNP45Tactical vs Toaster

It’s been said a few times that I carry a gun the size of a toaster.  Yeah, the FNP-45tactical isn’t small, but really? A toaster?

Well let’s put that to the test.  Something people are always concerned about is weight.  Personally, I believe a good holster on a good belt will mitigate weight quite a bit.  Now maybe not the weight of a classic chrome and Bakelite General Electric toaster.

It’s a big toaster.  Especially for one that will only handle 2 slices of bread at a time.  But it is the best toaster ever.

And it apparently weighs 4lbs 7oz. The FN?

Let’s look a little closer

1lb 15oz. Not even close.

But Jen! It’s not like you carry it empty like that! 15+1 rounds of 45ACP makes a pretty major difference in weight.


So now we’re up to 2lbs 14oz. That’s still not classic toaster weight.  Maybe some of the new-fangled polymer toasters.

Oh, but I suppose we should take the reload into account as well.  I mean, 30 more rounds of 45ACP…

What’s that say?

1lb 11 oz which brings us to a whopping 4lbs 8oz.

Er. Hmm.

See! My carry gun is not the size of a toaster!

It’s bigger.

Myth Busted!

To All You Lucky Dogs That Went To SHOT

I love you all.  Really.  I’m not at all bitter that I spent my week at work drooling over your live updates.

Really, it’s fine.  I can hear JayG‘s squeeeing from here anyway.

Sure it would have been fun to check in with The Great Satan and play with new shotguns. Or see if I could outdo Tom and and his crapton* of schwag in a bag.

It would have been great to hang out with the always delightful, Pastor Kenn

But alas, those beans won’t count themselves.

Derek just has too much good stuff to pick just one post.

So I’m sorry I missed the Gatling Gun and sore feet and bleeding zombie targets, but I want to thank all of you, and those I didn’t link here, for giving the rest of us a peek into your SHOT show experience.

I swear, I’m not pouting or anything.   Honest.

Maybe next year.

She Noticed Me

Yes, I say my name is Jennifer because that’s my name.  And since Joan probably won’t publish me, here’s what I had to say on this post (yes, it links to her)

My candle was for Lydia and women like her. Jennifer is my real name, the one on my birth certificate. My parents wanted it to be normal since there’s weren’t. My grandfather was an immigrant from the Philippines.
I know you won’t publish this. That’s fine. It’s your space. But I give you my word that I won’t censor you on my blog. And I do plan to publish my comment on my blog. Probably repeatedly.

Awe, Joan.  You wanna play?

Let me go ahead and tell you the location of the landmines your going to step in.  Jennifer is my real, honest, legal name.  I’ll show you both my drivers license and my conceal carry permit with the numbers blocked out if that helps. Everyone who has sent a check to my husband has my actual street address.  They could put it in their GPS and drive to where we live.

Oh right, none of that matters to you.  You’re going to tell me that I have no idea what it feels like to be a victim to feel powerless.  You’re going to tell me that I’ve always been privileged to avoid the evil in the world.

I should warn you now that you are wrong there too.  Just so you don’t really piss me right the hell off, you might go on and read this first. If that’s not enough, I can provide more.  You can email me directly at jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com.  I’ll give you my cell phone number if you want to chat. Readers, you are allowed to test that and comment.

You want to Google me and trash my background? There’s dirt there.  Good juicy dirt too. I will tell you that I have in my file cabinet the documentation that shows that it’s not nearly as sensational as the news reports.  You’ll look like a jackass when I refute you.

Yep, brother was arrested for murder.  He didn’t do it, by the way.  She was killed by blunt force trauma likely dealt by the drug dealer she was visiting that also broke the window of her vehicle.  Not that any of that made the news.  He’s a prohibited person anyway.  He was released.  Lack of evidence.  Also, not in the news.

I loved that girl.  I wear a bracelet that she gave me as a memorial to her.  She wasn’t always on the right side of the law herself, but she didn’t deserve to be murdered. But her murderer didn’t use a gun so I guess my friend doesn’t matter to you.

I’m a Christian too.  Jesus didn’t tell us to submit to evil. He told his disciples to sell their cloaks if they did not have a sword. Apparently, self defense was more important than warmth.  It gets awful cold in the desert at night.

Maybe talking to me is hard. Would you like to talk to my friend? She’s got a VPO against the drug-dealing father of her children. I’ll warn you in advance that she understands that piece of paper holds no actual power.

Thanks for the 4 hits, Joan.

We’re Winning

When one article can go from this

I am afraid of guns; they scare me to death. Even in movies or on TV, the sight and sound of the gun being fired makes me tense up. Even though I have handled a gun with trepidation on a shooting range, (my dad is a graduate of Annapolis and he shooter enthusiast), I don’t think I would want a gun in my house. Regardless of the statement put out by gun owners that “Guns don’t kill people, people do”, I still feel that if criminals were unable to get their hands on guns no one would get killed.

to this

I may not like it but society has very likely made women and guns a necessity. Even I see the reasoning behind knowing how to protect yourself with a firearm. If a gun is what I need then I’m going to make sure I train well and practice my shots. I also know that I have to keep it loaded. Having to take time to load a gun when danger presents itself is ludicrous.

We win.  Go read the whole thing.  I promise, it’s worth it.

Apparently, she just missed A Girl and her Gun’s giveaway, but she is exactly what we all want to see.

And something those who have been following for a while will be pleased to know, since the acquisition of the S&W 617, my mother wants to go shooting again.  She still doesn’t see having a gun in her house, but she actively wants to shoot again.  She wants to know more.

I’m not giving away my copy of Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun because she wants to read it when I am finished with it. Seriously people, this is exciting.