The Night She Did Slay The Serpent

She had been stealthily stalking the sneaky serpent. The time had come to strike.

Twas a good kill. A kill that must be celebrated in the highest fashion. She chose interpretive dance with superfluous snake shaking.

Many will sing of the mighty 12 pound Heidi and the night she did slay the serpent.

*We know Heidi is half Chihuahua because her mother was a Chihuahua.  The other half…the neighbor’s dog did it.  The best guess we’ve got is Basenji.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Drunk And

Buy puppies.

Who knew drunken puppy purchases were such a problem?  It’s not the drinking done by underage canines (unless Marko’s newest additions get into his stash).  Nope.  Apparently in Greenwich Village inebriated people become overwhelmed by the cuteness and buy puppies.

The adorable sight of furry faces in the window and the effects of alcohol can be a bad combination, Moritz said.

Dogs and alcohol don’t mix, I guess.

Four-years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, a couple came into the store and spent $3,500 on an English Bull Dog and a Miniature Pinscher. The morning after, the couple returned to the store, apologized to Jacoby, and gave the dogs back.

Um.  So they head out for happy hour and enjoy some discounted booze only to spend thirty-five hundred dollars on a pair of pooches!  Anyone that knows me would tell you that I have a soft spot for all things cute fluffy.  There’s 50 pounds of feline at my house, for example.  I want to take them all home and love them and cuddle them and give them silly names*. But to just drop thirty five hundred dollars on a pair of excrement machines on a drunken flight of fancy.  I’ve bought cars for less than that!  Cars that ran even!  I don’t know what they put in the drinks in Greenwich Village, but it must be some pretty powerful stuff.

*The most recent feline to join the household has an ever evolving name.  It started as Chance.  It is currently Chancellor Edward Pantsington III Esquire.  There may have been alcohol involved.

An Update

A very generous friend loaned us 5 space heaters for our 1100 square foot house. Friends are totally made of win.

Our hot water lines froze in the night. Good times!

Here’s how the kitties decided to keep warm.

Ssh! Don’t tell anyone that I told you this, but they even snuggled with the puppy.

I decided to clean the bathroom to stave off the cabin fever and move enough to keep warm. While I did that, Michael ventured out into the snowy wastelands to bring back fire. Okay, fire in the form of oscillating heaters, but they make heat and that’s the point here.

We decided to settle in for a movie (The Incredibles). We’d set up one of the heaters in the utility room where the hot water lines are located and turned the hot water all the way open in the kitchen sink and bathtub. About halfway through the movie, water started running in the kitchen. As I headed to the bathroom to check the tub, it began to run as well.

Hooray! Hot showers tonight!

So now, here we are with 5 space heaters running and the thermostat looks like this.

In case you can’t read the blurry shot, it says 71. Toasty. I generally refuse to run the central heat above 68.

Makes you appreciate the little things…

Although, I’d still like to bludgeon Murphy with that law of his.

Clearly, Heidi is Not Pulling Her Weight

We spent the weekend visiting the lovely Phlegmmy and celebrating the birth of the Lawdog.  Many of the attendees brought along their four legged fuzzy floor cleaners who infused the weekend with chaotic cuteness.  Each canine displayed fantastic skills of dropped snack retrieval and warm cuddles.

And yet, not a single one picked up the trash or made a single cup of coffee.

Gives whole new meaning to the term ‘kitchen bitches.’


Well 10/10/10 has passed and I was not blown up.  Instead, we spent the day relaxing and recovering from a perfectly lovely weekend celebrating the birth of the delightful and beautiful Phlegmmy.

I took Friday off from my regular job.  (Are you happy climate weenies?  One day not being a cog in the wheel of a corporation that keeps the cars and trucks on the highways fueled.)  On Friday, I burnt fuel rather than accounted for it.  In the morning, we met with a local business owner about carrying some of Michael’s products.  (Crossing fingers that this turns out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.  I’ll share details when it’s appropriate.)

We met up with AEPilot Jim at our house and headed south to party.  We made several wrong turns, but arrived at our lodging with just over an hour to spare before the official start of the party.  So we checked in at the B&B.  The Bed and Breakfast was a lovely place with high ceilings and history.  And I failed to take a single picture of it.  Oh well.  There’s always next time.  We were still early but decided to head on over anyway.  Certainly the GPS would not lead us wrong.

And we only passed the house once.  The very hospitable LawDog welcomed us and our four-legged companion.  Who knew she would would be the instigator of so much doggie chaos?  After the obligatory stop in the kitchen (all parties gather in kitchens), we migrated out to the back yard where we were greeted by the FarmDad, FarmMom, and FarmGirl of Blogorado fame.  Who happen to be even more delightful than their well deserved reputation.  We’ve been informed that we are to visit and are anxious to take them up on the invitation.

We also met Alan.  Contrary to the rumors, he does not have a wire coming out of the back of his head leading directly to iMind.  He’s upgraded to wireless now.  I kid.  He did let me play with his iPad, and we confirmed that I really do like tactile keyboards.  The fingernails caused typos on the virtual one.  Because I’m a perfect typist otherwise. (And if you believe that…)

Christina and Vine arrived shortly after we did.  Christina brought her table and chair.  I know, who brings their own table and chair to a party right?  Not that kind of table and chair silly.  Massage table and chair.  And Christina has magic hands.  Everyone left her chair with that dazed look that calls for a cigarette.

Holly and Johnny G graced us with their presence as well.  Warm hugs were exchanged all around.  I’ve said many times and this weekend only reinforced my belief that gunny people are some of the best people in the world.  Also in attendance was Chris and … um … Crap!  I just know I’m forgetting someone.

The evening was filled with lots of laughs, good conversation, and gratuitous ass grabbing.  And maybe even a live edition of Vicious Circle.  (Yikes!  I was right by the microphone drinking my rum punch!)  I would love to tell you what the highlight of the weekend was, but I just can’t narrow it down.  It was just a wonderful visit all together. The pickles are right up there though.

On Friday night, we eventually retired to the B&B and ended the night with a round of drunken spades at the insistence of my hubby.  There are 3 rooms for rent upstairs, and they were all occupied by party-goers.  In the morning, I made an attempt at playing domestic.  I don’t think I fooled anyone, but I was at least in the kitchen without any shoes.  After I cleaned up my mess, we headed over to Phlegmmy’s for a proper second breakfast.

More laughing and great conversation commenced.  Doggies were spoiled with bites of all the delicious things we were eating.  Praline even retrieved part of a sandwich from the tree.  We were oddly entertained by the bug zapper tennis racket and learned that if you cook a fly on it until it smokes, it smells real bad.

By the time the end of the weekend came, it felt like leaving old friends even though some I’d never met in person previously.  It’s always hard to leave, but I’m enriched and revived by the company of truly great people.  It is a pleasure to have made so many new friends.

Yes, there are pictures.  I’ll share some.  If you were there and want to see them all, let me know.

New Camera

Ok, so I’ve actually had the new camera for a week now, but I’m just getting around to writing a post.  Here she is.  A new Nikon Coolpix P80.

She had to take her own self-portrait ala MySpace/Facebook etal.

Pretty nifty camera actually. I’m still learning how to use all the features. Picked this one up at our local pawn shop for a pretty decent deal. The best way I have found to describe it is like the Nikon people decided to design their DSLR with a fixed lens. It is decidedly not a point and shoot. But I can take great close-ups of birds.

With that attitude, I’m not sure he wanted me to take his picture. Either that or he should be a model for Ralph Lauren. I think he’s challenging me there. He knows bird-fu.

I’ve got some fun shooting pics and pics of Michael’s new gun and lots of random pictures. Hopefully I will conquer the learning curve and be taking some worth while shots soon. For now, here is a slideshow of some random shots.

And another of our critters just because.

Memorial Weekend Part 3

After all the shooty goodness, we retired to the campfire. We told stories, ate yummy food, and enjoyed some adult beverages. Michael made a bacon explosion meatloaf to enjoy. He used this awesome onion that grows in the backyard.
It was yummy and mild.

From Onion

Here are some shots from around the fire

From Memorial Weekend 2009
From Memorial Weekend 2009
From Memorial Weekend 2009

A good time was had by all. Personally, I got the best camping night sleep ever that night. The sun rise was awesome as usual. Heidi wasn’t ready to get up when I was and so she tucked her head into my armpit. We enjoyed the morning and then packed up and went home. I took a personal day the next day just for me.

Mutt Muffs: Advice Please

Has anyone used these?

See this cute little guard dog.

She’s been a royal pain since the camping/shooting trip.

You can call her inside and get nothing.  She’s normally very responsive.  And then I noticed that she responds to hand signals.  Yes, I always train a dog with hand signals.  There are just times when you need to be able to signal your animal and can’t use the voice commands.

I think her ears are ringing.  She’s never had trouble with gunfire before, but she was just to the right of where we were shooting this time.  Usually, she is well behind us.  I feel just awful.  She’s acting like she’s uncomfortable too.  She’s barking more frequently and with more volume.  Today is better than yesterday, but she isn’t okay.  I’m sure that once her ears stop ringing, she will be okay.  But I really want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Mutt muffs are pricey, so I would like to know if there are any gunnies out there that have used them and what they think of them.

And she’d look super cute in them.  Just look at this.