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Ok, I’m actually stealing borrowing Daddy Bear’s quote of the day

It isn’t the weapon that’s the dangerous part of any equation.  It’s the person holding it.

I am not dangerous because I carry a gun.  Not to the standard, every-day, law-abiding schmuck.

I am dangerous to those who think that I am prey.  Because I am not, and have never been.

–Heroditus Huxley, “It’s Not The Weapon

Which goes right along with Tam’s conversation with a polite anti.

You see, I, and many others like me, pose no danger to anyone. Gun or no gun. In fact, I have never had cause to use my firearm against anyone. (Arguably, the wind did a little brandishing for me once.)

I will not hesitate to answer violence with violence, but I will never be the one to introduce it. Back in my daycare years, I did black an eye, possibly break a nose, and introduce a boy’s groin to my knee, but that was after he broke the little finger on my left hand. You introduce the violence; I am not inclined to fight fair. Thankfully, teachers were still allowed to apply common sense back then, and all I got out of the incident was sympathy, an ice pack, and a call to my parents so I could get medical attention. He got in trouble. My finger is still crooked, but he never messed with me again.

I carry a firearm because it is the most effective means of stopping violence, not to inflict it. I am not naive enough to believe that I could still answer an attack the way I could on the playground so many years ago. The bad guys and bullies are much bigger now. And there aren’t any teachers ready to intervene.



When I was a kid, the phrase “I’m bored” wasn’t a wise one to use around the house. For you see, there was always laundry to do, weeds to pull, floors to sweep or vacuum. Didn’t take much of that to figure out that I could find some form of entertainment. Books trump chores any day. Bike rides are far more interesting than dusting.

And yet, in all my efforts in addressing boredom, never once did if occur to me to commit murder. I suppose I had every opportunity to do so, but no.That’s not to say I didn’t get into plenty of mischief, but nothing that could have resulted in a felony charge. Although, it’s not even the threat of punishment that has ever kept murder off my mind. You could strike every law from the books and I would still find the idea of taking human life absolutely abhorrent. Thing is, that doesn’t make me special. I would imagine that the majority of people feel the same way.

Except for those that do not. The senseless murder of Christopher Lane is a grim reminder that there is evil out there. Those three young men are devoid of humanity and are a prime example as to why I carry a gun. No, I am absolutely not saying that Mr. Lane would be alive today if he had been. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t have changed anything. What I am saying is that evil is real and must be resisted at every opportunity. This serves as a reminder that there are monsters among us, and they are dressed in human skin.


Kevin over at The Smallest Minority brings us the story of a pair of young men that took the law into their own hands and followed a suspected criminal.


Temar Boggs and a friend didn’t wait for police but instead followed the suspicious vehicle for 15 minutes. Finally intimidating the suspect enough that he let the little girl that he had abducted go.


Wannabe cop? Vigilante?

Or hero?


Good job, Temar. In a just world, you’d be the one people were comparing to their own sons.

Enough. You Are Not Trayvon Martin

You are not defined by the color of your skin nor by the actions of anyone that may or may not look like you. You are an individual capable of your own decisions, as was this young man on that fateful night.

His history of violence, drug use, and illegal activity is not yours. His decisions belong to him and him alone. I reject the idea that anyone else is interchangeable with Trayvon Martin. I refuse to believe the character of this young man reflects the character of all the young men in the black community. That would be racist.

I will not paint anyone with a brush dipped in his character. I do not wish to live in a world colored in that way. I cannot change what is in anyone else’s heart, but I can determine my own. I reject the idea that the actions of one person define a community.

If it is true that the verdict rendered declared open season on young black men, then I encourage all law abiding young black men to arm themselves. Learn the laws of legal self defense and protect yourself. Don’t become the aggressor and perpetuate the violence. Instead, be the protector of yourself and your loved ones. Your life has value. Anyone who wishes to take it from you has forfeited their own.

I do not wish violence on anyone, but I do believe everyone should have means to answer it if it is visited upon them.

Will Justice be Done in the Zimmerman Trial?

As I write these words, Judge Nelson is instructing the jury on the law and how they are to proceed. We’ve heard all the evidence, the testimony of the witnesses, and the theory of the events as presented by both the state and the defense.

I’ve been following the coverage as presented at Legal Insurrection and listening to the live feeds with no commentary.  I feel very strongly that George Zimmerman is not guilty of the charges he has been accused of given the evidence and testimony presented. But I am not on the jury and would have been dismissed immediately had I been called since I have been following the case for some time. I do not believe the state proved their position beyond a reasonable doubt.

The question now is what the jury believes. Were they moved by the dramatic and emotional closing statements made by the state? Or were they convinced by defense’s orderly summary of the evidence and testimony presented in the trial? Only time will tell.

I don’t envy the jurors now in the deliberation room attempting to come to a consensus. To render a verdict of either Guilty or Not Guilty, they must all be in agreement. I pray for sound minds and clear heads.

Bracing for Riots or Celebrations in Zimmerman

via Weerd

Regardless of what the jury decides, George Zimmerman’s life has been forever changed. Even if he is found not guilty, he will never again be a free man. The media branded him a racist and spun the story. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson prepared the pyre and stake before the body was even cold. They are out for blood, not justice.

And they will get it too. It doesn’t matter that the blood will be from innocent bystanders injured or killed in the inevitable riots or celebrations (Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference). All that matters is propping up the rotting equine known as racism so they can claim continued relevance.

Zimmerman didn’t throw back the curtain on any inherent racism in the community. Race-baiters manufactured it with the gleeful assistance of the media. Sensationalism at the expense of justice.

Trayvon Martin didn’t have to die that night. It was his decisions, not his skin color, that sealed his fate.

BAM Said The Lady

I can’t believe no one beat me to that headline. (reference)

So some scumbag rapist bus driver set his sights on a US warrior woman. She was none too thrilled and opened up a can of whoop-ass on him.

Prosecutors said that she knocked the knife from his hand, broke it in two, bit him in the hand, forced him to the ground and locked him between her thighs, the Daily Mail reports.

Damn. Nicely done.

BAM Said The Lady!

Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Kathy Jackson at the Cornered Cat linked to an important story from Limatunes. Both links are recommended, but they are difficult and potentially triggering reading. They deal with being restrained, abducted, beaten, and raped.

We all know that fear induces the fight or flight reaction, but we don’t talk about the third option.  Sometimes, we freeze.  We shut down. Lima was pulled out of a public place by her hair and couldn’t even cry out for help. And there was no good Samaritan that jumped in either. She was on her own in her nightmare.

This is why we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  This is why we look at the very real violence that happens in our world every day.  We hope it never comes to visit us. But the only way we can prevent the freeze is to have a plan for the worst. This is why we scan for exits when we find ourselves in new surroundings.  This is why we learn to use the tools we carry. We hope to take flight.  Barring that, we want to be ready for the fight. We can do neither if we freeze.