Again! No! No! No! No!

Argh!  First we had Manscara, and then Meggings, and now this?!?!


And it’s not even Russell GirlyMan Brand this time sporting it.  But this might just be his kitchen.

This is apparently where a man is supposed to enjoy that age old practice of applying fire to meat in order to create food.  The color?  Man-genta.  Seriously, throwing ‘man’ into a word where it never belonged in the first place does not magically add testicles to the thing.  No matter how you screw with the language, you cannot infuse testosterone where it does not occur naturally.  Just because Ken’s junk is reportedly hiding somewhere in Barbie’s dream house, it does not mean you can barf pink all over a place and call it manly.  It’s just not right.

Thankfully I can gaze across the living room at my man while he works with the skin of dead animals.  Manliness is not dead yet.

It seems that it’s curtains for the last remnants of manhood residing in New York.   Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

No! No! No! No!

Seriously? Meggings?

To all the men in the world (wait, if you need me to tell you this, you aren’t a man), if Russel Brand is doing it, you shouldn’t.

Russel Brand in Male Leggings

No.  Just no.   We’ve talked previously about guy-liner and manscara.

But the article says

After the success of the skinny jean it was only a matter of time before fashion went even further and now the male legging or ‘megging’ is tipped to be the next big thing for any man worth his style salt

For the love of Dirty Harry, STOP!  This isn’t funny anymore.  Do you know what that does to the package?  Makes it look non-existant.  But unfortunately, it’s like a train wreck and I just have. to. look.


Society needs more men.  And I mean men, not feminized caricatures of men.  Argh!!!

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Man Fail

Don’t worry, I’m not taking the well traveled path of male bashing.  I think men with all of their testosterone are fabulous creatures and I wish the world was inhabited by more of them.

More men, not metrosexualized pansy creatures that just so happen to have the ability to pee while standing.  Plumbing alone does not make one a man.  And a man’s face should never, ever be adorned with a product called “guy-liner” or “man-scara.”

Sounds like a joke doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s not.  And the corporate feminzer insists that it isn’t for drag queens.  He says that it is for manly men like Russell Brand.

Manly?  That looks like a chick with stubble.  And the carefully teased hair!

He also presents Robbie Williams as an example of red-blooded manly men that would use the product.  So, I had to go find a picture of the make-up sporting musician.  I found it.  And let me tell you ladies, you’re estrogen just went into overdrive neutral.

Thankfully, I don’t intend to have any children anytime soon because my ovaries are reeling in terror.