Update on Stuff

A long time ago, I was a victim.  Yesterday, he threatened my family.  I had never told anyone that he had molested me when I was child. Now, my husband knows, my parents know, my in-laws know, and anyone else that needs to know will soon know.  I have set that ball in motion.  And I am free.

I decided that it wasn’t my shame to carry so I gave it back.  Now that I have opened it up, I know that I have scars to deal with.  That’s okay. There is no shame in being a victim.  Particularly if you were a helpless one.  That is a burden that I will not carry any longer.  He can have it.  I also will not allow my silence to put anyone else at risk.  I will not be silent any more.

The person in question has innocent children.  Out of respect for them, I will not divulge any more details here.  I will be doing what I can to make sure they are protected and safe.  Hopefully, by breaking my silence, they will not be victims.  I will not be backed into a corner by a child molester.  He will not have any power over my family.