Mythbusting: FNP45Tactical vs Toaster

It’s been said a few times that I carry a gun the size of a toaster.  Yeah, the FNP-45tactical isn’t small, but really? A toaster?

Well let’s put that to the test.  Something people are always concerned about is weight.  Personally, I believe a good holster on a good belt will mitigate weight quite a bit.  Now maybe not the weight of a classic chrome and Bakelite General Electric toaster.

It’s a big toaster.  Especially for one that will only handle 2 slices of bread at a time.  But it is the best toaster ever.

And it apparently weighs 4lbs 7oz. The FN?

Let’s look a little closer

1lb 15oz. Not even close.

But Jen! It’s not like you carry it empty like that! 15+1 rounds of 45ACP makes a pretty major difference in weight.


So now we’re up to 2lbs 14oz. That’s still not classic toaster weight.  Maybe some of the new-fangled polymer toasters.

Oh, but I suppose we should take the reload into account as well.  I mean, 30 more rounds of 45ACP…

What’s that say?

1lb 11 oz which brings us to a whopping 4lbs 8oz.

Er. Hmm.

See! My carry gun is not the size of a toaster!

It’s bigger.

Myth Busted!


Hey! Look at that.

Jay’s got a fancy new ad over there in his sidebar. A leaner, meaner url too.

Oh look!  I’ve got one over on my sidebar too.  Ah yes, the holster maker extraordinaire pays handsomely for his premium ad space here*.

So do the clicky and browse around.  The site is mid-makeover.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*Psst. I know it’s scandalous, but I’m sleeping with the holster maker. And he keeps me in premium leather.

A Very Special Holster

click for giantification

Yeah, it’s cool.  It’s all leather.  It’s digicam. These pictures have not been edited.  Not even cropped.

How’d he do that?  Nope, I’m not telling.  It’s a special magical proprietary process exclusive to Got an image you’ve always wanted on a holster? Talk to Michael.

All that is freaking cool, but it’s not the coolest thing about this holster.

Not in the least.  The coolest thing about this holster is that it will soon be on the hip of a soldier in Afghanistan.  And we don’t even know which one.  All because Michael got an email that said this.

I am the platoon sergeant for a small detachment stationed at a small FOB in Afghanistan. My unit is hosting a super bowl party for ourselves and the US CAV units that we support here in Afghanistan.  Also invited are all DOD contractors and DA civilians. We will be sending an invitation to all of the coalition units that are represented here. Currently there are 14 other countries that are represented.

Our intention is to have a football pool for the game. No fee will be required from those who participate as gambling in not permitted and there will be officer along with lower enlisted present. We would like to give out 20 prizes, during commercials (as we cannot view the super bowl commercials on AFN), 1 at the end of each quarter and 2 during half time. No one will be permitted to win more than 1 prize as to ensure that at least 20 people receive a prize.  My command and I that are hosting will be exempt from receiving a prize to ensure the appearance of propriety.

We are seeking donations as our FOB has only a small PX with the bare necessities. We estimate that at least 250 people will be in attendance due to the weather. Our hanger has the best heating system; we also have a projector that we brought with us that will allow us to project the game onto a 12×30 white conex that is inside.

Any help in this event will be greatly appreciated.

And since Michael is really not kidding when he tells you he supports our troops, he answered.

 Dear Sir,

Sounds like a worthy cause.  How would a promotional, custom, hand-made leather holster to fit a Beretta M9 as a prize giveaway sound? Please let me know.  Thank you!


The holster pictured above is currently winging its way to Afghanistan.  Wanna see more pictures?

Of course you do.  Like the picture above, clicking will make huge.

So, You Want To See The TV Holster?

Yeah, I thought you might. Click to see bigger.

MS is for Mary Shannon, the protagonist of In Plain Sight on the USA network. This is not some kind of paid product placement either.  They needed an extra special holster for the premier episode of season 5 (returning March 16th) and found

Yeah, we’ll be watching.  You?

Oh, right.  You want to see the back.

It’s a pretty one.

They originally wanted it just natural leather, but after seeing pictures of OldNFO‘s paddle holster, they appreciated his taste and copied the color.

I’m better at getting new pics up on Facebook than the actual website.  You do Like us on Facebook, right?

A Made For TV Holster?

No, it’s not poorly done or sappy. And Hallmark had nothing to do with it.  Presented with minimal commercial interruption…

As we speak, a paddle holster made by the one and only Michael of TheHolsterSite is winging its way to the studios of In Plain Sight (returns March 16th, 2012 according to the Twitter feed).

But of course, you already knew that because he already posted about it over on his blog.

I’m very excited.  It’s going to be cool to see some of his work on television.  Guess we’ll have to figure out how that thing works again.  At least we can stream some of the previous episodes online. We spent last night doing just that.  I like Mary’s sass and snark.

We’ll see about recording the episode and sharing with all of you.  Maybe we’ll even live blog it! Feel free to join the virtual watch party.

Shut Open your pie-hole mouth and Dance Act, monkey valued customer!

Light Blogging

So I took a few days off for Christmas.  I may or may not be around here.  Go on and entertain yourself in my blogroll or archives.  I really think you should know of the culmination of our latest conspiracy.  It’s a good one.