My Beauty Routine

Ha! Like I’ve got time for some personal pampering routine.  That’s rich.

You see, I’m not a morning person and yet I like to leave the house at 7am to both beat the morning rush hour idiots and get my choice in parking spots at the office.  (I have a winter favorite and a summer favorite. Hey, I drive a black sedan.  In summer, shade is far more important than proximity to the door.) Of course, not being a morning person means I’ve got mad snooze button skills. Yo.

So I end up rolling out of bed with just exactly enough time to stumble into the bathroom for a shower. I am not actually awake at this point so routine is very important.  My early morning autopilot software hasn’t been upgraded or defragmented in years.  So it’s facial cleanser to make sure I’ve removed the make-up that I may or may not have actually bothered to apply the previous day but most certainly failed to remove the night before, wash the hair, condition the hair, wash the body, rinse and dry off. Done. (Nope, you didn’t see a mention of dealing with body hair because I rip the little buggers out by the roots on a  regular basis.)

One problem with this routine is that it is way to easy for me to skip the whole moisturize after the shower step. And I have chronically dry skin.  I could write you messages on my legs with my fingernails, dry.  Well I could, but I can’t now.


Because of this.

Dove Visible Care

It’s the new Dove Visible Care softening creme body wash with the highest concentration of their NutriumMoisture technology across the Dove product line.  Honestly, when they asked me to review it, I wondered what I might possibly have to say about a body wash.  I mean, I review things like ammo here.  But hey, I like to be clean so why not?

I have admit, seeing the ‘visibly more beautiful skin in just one week’ line made me a bit skeptical.  I mean, I’ve got pretty decent skin if I’ll take the time to take care of it.  Really, dryness is the only issue. But this stuff, it shoved that often neglected lotion applying step right into the whole get nice and clean step. Hence the reason I can’t draw pictures on my legs with my fingernails anymore.  Really, I should have taken a before and after picture because my skin even looks softer. Also, it helped sooth and speed up the healing where I had scratched my thigh raw due to mosquito bites. Total surprise there.

So here’s what they have to say about it

  • Designed to soften skin and dry spots
  • Rich, pearlescent creme format with luxurious lather and clean rinse
  • Contains a mild cleanser, glycerin and stearic acid
  • A white floral gourmand fragrance that includes an elegant combination of magnolia and pink jasmine

Soften? check. Dry spots? Check.  OMG! The lather!  I almost forgot to tell you about the lather. It’s thick.  Like soap opera languish in the tub thick.  Even with my hard water. And a little goes a long way.

OMG! Shower Picture

I was actually concerned about the smell when I got it. I don’t like perfumes, particularly overly floral ones, and this stuff smells very strong right out of the bottle.  But it rinses away nicely leaving just a soft clean smell. Honestly, the smell is neutral enough that the EvylRobot didn’t mind when I washed his back with it.

Also, it opens on the bottom.  I know this seems like a little thing, but my shower ends up littered with precariously balanced bottles because I’m cheap and I’m going to get every ounce of that stuff out. Dove was kind enough to save me from the early morning fancy footwork involved when I inevitably knock down all the other bottles.

Bottle Top

Yeah, Dove.  I see what you did there. While everything else is rolling willy nilly in the tub, there you are.  Steadfast and true.  And making sure I get every drop of those 18 ounces without attempting to defy gravity.

This being kinda sorta generally a gun blog, I was going to shoot it when I finished reviewing it. But I love it.  I can’t waste it like that.  When it’s empty, I’ll be spending some of my ill-gotten wheelbarrow of cash to buy more.  So you’re just going to have to settle for a chance at a $500 spa gift card instead (Details on the sweepstakes are at the bottom of the post).

So really, try out the new Dove Visible Care line.  It makes me feel pampered and luxurious and continue my relationship with my snooze button.

Psst. FTC-Yep, they provided product and this is a paid review. And you can kiss my nice soft ass.
Visit Dove® VisibleCare® to get a coupon for $1 off!

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Quick Reminder

If you haven’t gotten you entry in for the Madison Rising giveaway, do so here by Friday.

We’ll be spinning up the bingo ball and picking winners so stay tuned!

For The Ladies

A Girl and Her Gun is making a very generous offer of paying $300 towards the training of some lucky woman.  Zercool and the always awesome Gun Blog Black List have sweetened the pot with some ammo.

I can’t enter.  But you can.

Why are you still here? Go there.

The Final Count

As promised, comments closed at midnight last night.  There was one clear winner.  There were 10-10 gauge shells, 63-20 gauge shells, and 137-12 gauge shells for a grand total of 210 shells. One commenter guessed 209, and as luck would have it, he’s actually a local!

So I didn’t tell him.

Instead, we made arrangements to meet him at H&H Gun Range.  There is a great little cafe right there in the store, so we sat down for a couple of their famous onion burgers and waited.  So there we were at our table with a giant box beside us when commenter Me not You, aka Mark, walked up to chat.  He wasn’t able to stay and share a meal with us, but that’s alright.  He leaned right on the box without realizing what it was. We told him the final count, and that he could take that box he was leaning on home with him.

I think he thought I was kidding.

Nope, and I’m even going to take your picture.

Especially if I can get you to strike a pose.

Honestly, I had planned to make a trip to UPS today to get it shipped off.  Trips to the range are always more fun than UPS though. Thanks everyone for playing!  That was fun.  I’m hoping to do more giveaways in the future.  And again, thank you to the people at Gun Casket for making this all possible.  Remember to use the code “Jennifer” in their checkout system to get your discount.  (Also, they kick a little back to your humble host.)

Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today

For a review and giveaway! But, you have to wait until the end for the giveaway part.

A few weeks ago, I received a comment from a representative of Gun Casket and thought their product looked very interesting. So I asked very nicely if they would provide me one for review purposes. They did even better than that.

From Gun Casket

One for me, and one for a lucky reader! The purple one is mine. It is their electronic dual pistol case. And it will hold a pair of M&P Compact pistols

From Gun Casket

But will the 627PC go in?

From Gun Casket

Why yes! Even with it’s little buddy, the j-frame.  Just barely.

From Gun Casket

It’ll hold a pair of L-Frames

From Gun Casket

But the big FN gets the room all to itself. It will not fit with a magazine inserted.

From Gun Casket

And it will even go in my backpack. Bring it on, office food thief! What?  You could put things in there other than guns.

From Gun Casket

But you don’t want to hear about mine. You want to see what you could win. Hit the jump for more pictures and how you, yes you, could have it for your very own.
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