A Real Colt 1911 Revolver


“The call came from his landline at his apartment to get officers to respond to the area because he wanted to die and wanted to commit suicide by cop,” police spokeswoman Glynda Chu said. “He did not have a real gun, but a plastic gun that looked like a real Colt 1911 revolver.”

Read more: http://newsok.com/man-shot-by-edmond-police-officer-said-he-wanted-to-die/article/3657658#ixzz1pD3yRpgH

Knock! Knock!

The men knocked on a door in the 3900 block of N.W. 11th near Roff Avenue yelling that they were the police, according to officers.

But those are magical words that can only be uttered by bonafide police officers! Right?

So what gun harpoon for officer impersonator? What caliber chainsaw is appropriate?

The men then tried to duct tape the couple’s hands, say police.

Both of the intruders had guns, according to Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Gary Knight.

The Basnet told KOCO Eyewitness News 5’s Maggie Stokes that she used a bottle to strike one of the men in the head, but he was unfazed.

She then says she used a chainsaw to hit one of the intruders. The home is currently under construction.

“I thought my boyfriend was gonna get hurt really bad and so was I,” said Basnet.

Basnet’s boyfriend then used a fishing spear to strike one of the men.

The home invader was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the victim says he was able to stab the man under his arm.

(Poorly written article here. Contains jewels like “The Basnet” from the quote and “Police say Basnet and her boyfriend would not them to search the home.”)

Unfortunately, he was not able to reel him in, but he’ll always talk about the ones that got away.

If guys in ski masks break into your home, fight back with whatever is handy.  Firearms tend to be more effective than harpoons and chainsaws, however.

Police said the woman called 911 and reported that a man was breaking into her home. When police arrived, they found the man had been shot to death.

The woman told police that she shot the man, investigators said.

The incident was under investigation.

And they make for easier investigations.

OMG! He’s Got A Knife

Apparently, the Brits have forgotten that a knife is a tool. Daily Mail is just shocked! Shocked! I tell you that Steven Tyler carries a pocket knife.

Of course, they also call this guy hunky.

The hunky singer was spotted with a large Leatherman-style penknife strapped onto his bootcut jeans as her arrived for the day’s filming in Pasadena, California today.

Maybe the writer has a thing for large mouth bass.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Quite what Steven, 63, thought he would need such a large knife for is anyone’s guess, but no doubt Simon Cowell will be glad he is not still on the show after seeing these pictures.

Yes, because it is completely logical that Steven Tyler was planning to filet Simon Cowell with a 4-inch folding knife. Like he’d need to cut him up if he planned on eating him.

I know it seems completely unusual to the residents of the formerly great Britain, but people carry knives.  They are tools.  He probably carries it every day, it’s just normally in his pocket instead of clipped on the outside.  By the looks of those jeans, there’s nothing going into the pockets. And, Daily Mail, I could have lived my whole life without the close-up of that particular area of Steven Tyler in skin tight jeans.

Gotta barf, BRB

I love my readers too much to embed that particular image.  If you must see it, it’s in the article.

Maybe, there’s a fruit basket in his dressing room wrapped in cellophane and tied up with miles and miles of curling ribbon. It’s was easier to open those by just cutting the ribbon with your pocket knife.  Scary, I know.


Full stop.

Did I just write an entire blog entry about Steven Tyler doing something normal and manly? Next thing you know, Clint Eastwood will be doing a reality show.

I’m All For Thorough Reporting

But I think this staff reporter must be fresh out of school. I remember the days of all too wordy explanations in order to fulfill minimum word counts.  Although, I would generally make an effort to have some clue about my subject matter. How else would you explain a paragraph like this?

As the two men sat eating at a desk in the office area of the store, Huskey, a seven-year veteran of the department, went through an elaborate process taught to every law enforcement officer to safely clear a weapon. It involves ejecting the magazine and removing a single bullet that is loaded into the chamber. He then handed the weapon to Bohanan, who looked it over and reloaded the magazine to feel the weight difference between the weapons, a report on the incident states. [emphasis mine]

Could you not just say that he dropped the magazine and locked the slide back to show clear? Oh I see! It’s an elaborate process that only those who have been magically transformed by the deep powers of the shiny badge can master. It’s a skill handed down through generations and must be transferred in a sacred ceremony. First they must retrieve the badge from some watery tart…

Sorry.  Back to the story.

After Bohanan — who started as a deputy in 2006 — passed the weapon back, his recollection of the events indicates he reminded Huskey to reload the bullet into the chamber. Huskey did so, aiming the weapon away from himself and Bohanan, and performing an action called racking the slide where a mechanism that covers the chamber is pulled back and released to allow access for loading the ammunition. [emphasis mine]

What does that even mean? A mechanism that covers the chamber? Must be part of that elaborate process.  No word on whether or not the slide was forged in the fires of Mordor.

For any readers that are unfamiliar, the particular firearm in question is a Glock.  The slide is the part on top that houses the barrel with integral chamber, recoil spring assembly, and firing pin. (Among other things, but we’re keeping this simple.) Racking the slide just means pulling it back. If there is a loaded magazine inserted, the slide will strip a round off of the top and chamber it when it goes forward again.  The gun is loaded and ready to fire at this point.

And this is where the deputy’s elaborate process failed him.

“I did not realize (Bohanan) had put the magazine back into the firearm and, while pointing the firearm in a safe direction, I pulled the slide back and released it, then pulled the trigger to get ready to reload the firearm,” Huskey said in his statement on the situation.

You what? At no point do you need to pull a trigger on a firearm in order to reload it.  What’s rule one again? Say it with me now.

All guns are loaded.

Very good. When someone hands you a firearm, the first thing you do is check it.  We joke at blog meets, when everyone is passing their guns around, about how each person checks it twice.  And that is after you just watched the previous person check it twice.  After they have handed it to you with the action open showing clear.  Each and every gun blogger at the gatherings I have been to will take the firearm and run the slide forward.  Then they will pull the slide back and look in the chamber. They will then look over it and check it again prior to dry firing it pointed in a safe direction.  Commentary is shared, slide is locked back, and the firearm is passed to the next person who will repeat the entire process.

Hmm.  Maybe that is kind of elaborate, actually. But we’ve never murdered the bologna at a blog meet.

The gun released one of the bullets in the magazine when Huskey pulled the trigger, with that projectile flying through the monitor, to and through the wall of a walk-in freezer and lodging in a pack of frozen bologna, Hodges said.

Did you get that? It was the gun that released the bullet, not Huskey. All he did was pull the trigger.  At least they didn’t try to say it ‘just went off.’  Officer Huskey chambered the round when he racked the slide.  Also, it was not released from the magazine. That’s an entirely different kind of problem to have.

“Cpl. Huskey immediately informed the shift supervisor and the store owner of what happened, then the supervisor called me,” Hodges said. “The sheriff, our firearms safety instructor and myself met within an hour of the incident to determine what needed to be done. We also conducted a function check of Cpl. Huskey’s firearm to determine if there was anything wrong with it that could have caused a misfire. We determined the weapon was in working order.”

Of course it was in working order.  It did exactly what it was designed to do. He pulled the trigger; it went bang.  That’s kind of the point. He forgot to engage the safety between his ears, is all. I’m just glad no one was hurt. I hope he learns from his mistakes.