Raffle Update!

The winners in the $5 category should be receiving an email from me this morning. There were 30 tickets drawn. Some people won more than one prize. There will be announcements shortly.

I will hopefully have the $10 winners drawn and emailed by the end of the day.

Thank you again.

Who We Are and What We Do

First of all, give yourselves a big round of applause, pat yourselves on the back, High five! You have reached the 5th tier for Bonnie’s surgery fund. I am humbled and amazed and *insert a new descriptive term here*. You have stepped up in a big way for one of our own.

Which brings us to a bit of a hitch. You see, Erin has put herself out for all of this in a really big way. As in, making herself physically ill sort of big way. She’s not backing down or chickening out, though. I am in agreement with Bonnie, that unless and until Erin is comfortable creating and sharing a bikini/cheesecake/pin-up style shot, she should not be pressured to do so. This should be fun, not frightening for her.

Erin has serious body dysmorphic disorder. It took years to even admit to that online. This is beyond not being comfortable in ones own skin. I have no frame of reference, but I know that the fear and pain is very real for her. She lives every day with a disconnect between her outside and her inside. We’ve all built a relationship with who she is in her heart and soul. She’s beautiful regardless of packaging.

It took far longer than any of you know for me to work up the nerve to pull last year’s catsuit stunt, and I am remarkably comfortable in my own skin. (I have my struggles, but who doesn’t?) Erin hasn’t had that kind of time to prepare. All I ask of you is to give her time, patience, and support. Other suggestions (ball gown, My Little Mosin, etc) are awesome. In the end, it is really up to Erin to decide what her comfort level is.

ETA: Erin feels very strongly that she must fulfill this obligation (see comments). I am asking you to consider her struggles when making suggestions/requests. In fact, overwhelm her with requests that are not ‘bikini pic’ or salacious.


Operation Spay Squeaky!

It is not only underway, but it was funded in 36 hours. So Erin stepped up and offered stretch goals.

This is above and beyond her brave offer to post a real picture of herself. Which guys, this is a big deal. She’s really putting herself out there. She’s already come through on the first stretch goal here. And it’s delightful and charming, you should absolutely listen.

The raffle is completed and names will be drawn soon. Would have been done by now, but occasionally, life gets in the way of blogging. Thank you everyone. You’ve done more than help pay for Bonnie’s medical care. You’ve given her the biggest virtual hug and reaffirmed the power of this community. Honestly, I feel all wrapped up in the love, myself. Pat yourselves on the back, internet. You rock!

Evict Lyme: Last Chance. The Time to Act is Now. Here is Where I Negate Your Excuses

Alright guys. Here we are. Counting down. The time is now.

My beloved robot got on your cases a bit which drummed up some activity. Do I need to call you all b*****s? ‘Cause I will.

But I don’t think I have to. Here’s the one big excuse I’ve heard via email (paraphrased).

But Jen! I really want to donate but I don’t get paid until Friday/The First/Monday!

Pledge a donation of at least $20 before midnight tonight. Fill out the form on this post and put ‘pledge’ and the date you get paid in the confirmation number field. If you have not pledged, you will not be eligible. I will think you are awesome and will thank you for your generosity, but you will not get a prize.

You MUST send me a receipt by the date indicated on your form or you will be disqualified. No excuses. No sob stories. You really do NOT want to try and one up sob stories with me. If you don’t get paid until the 15th, you shoulda donated by July 15th. Pledges are good through Monday only, no exceptions. And you MUST pledge by midnight.

As much as I would like to just keep it going, I can’t. Deadline is a hard one. But you get the benefit of the fact that I was crazy enough to end this at the end of a month without regard to the fact that I’m really freaking busy at month end with the job that pays the bills. So I will not be able to draw names until the weekend. You will not win a prize or even know that your name has been drawn until I have confirmation that you’ve made your donation.

This is more for my benefit than yours. You need yelling?


Oh yeah! I don’t need those little stars. This is my electron empire, dammit!


Evict Lyme – Evyl Robot Edition

Evyl Robot here, hijacking Jennifer’s Head. Look here b*****s, Bonnie hasn’t received nearly enough money for her FUNdraiser so far, and we are looking at a little over 25 hours until it closes. This. Is. Not. Acceptable. My esteemed associate, Dennis, has put up a very nice holster as a prize in this deal, and I happen to have caught up on a bunch of my own holster work. Since we don’t have enough donations, and I have a little more free time, I’m going to put in another custom holster. Feast your hungry little eyes on this:


That’s a black leather 1911 Hidden Stitch Pancake with a red ostrich embossed inlay with an Evyl Robot logo underlay and red stitching.


Feast your eyes I say!


But you can’t have that one. Hahahahahhaa! That one is the one my brother has been wearing for over a year now. I will make a new holster like that one if, and only if the donations turn out significantly higher than at current. As in, three or four times what they currently are. Otherwise, I’m throwing in a plain black Hidden Stitch Pancake holster that fits a five-inch 1911. It’s still a sweet holster, but you don’t get the detail work in that case.

You see as things stand now, I look at the prize packages stacked in my living room, and I look at the funds raised, and I’m disappointed. This isn’t a contest. People are getting a bargain on this loot! It’s time to step up the game. These people and companies have donated some really nice stuff and the entries have not even paid for it yet! They’d be better off if they simply donated the value of their work to Bonnie’s fund. But, it’s not over yet. Please, make this thing worth it. Help out Bonnie and win cool stuff. How can you go wrong?

*Waiting patiently to log additional donations for Bonnie’s FUNdraiser.*

Two Days

Tomorrow night, at midnight, I will be shutting down the Evict Lyme FUNdraiser. Check it out, there are lots of great things up for grabs.

You guys are awesome, but we’re not done yet. Bonnie’s having a rough time of it. And there’s still another surgery coming up. If you haven’t donated yet, now is the time.


Helping Out

I’m sure you’ve already seen the story over at Brigid’s place, but just in case, I wanted to let you know that there are still 9 days to support a new business and a great cause.

All she needs is to be carried a little until she can walk and finally run.

Raffle Additions!

We’re coming down to the wire here folks, and medical bills aren’t cheap. But you people are awesome. We aren’t there yet, however.

But what we do have are a couple of new additions to the prizes up for grabs!

First off a 50 caliber bullet pen and bottle opener courtesy RealBullet

photo via Real Bullet

What better way to trump that hoity toity banker’s fancy Mont Blanc than a pen made from once fired military surplus 50 BMG? Has your pen fought terrorists? I didn’t think so. And then you can crack open a cold one and put your feet up on his mahogany desk.

Or something like that. Just $5 gets you a chance to win this beauty.

Next up, we have a paracord bracelet with matching key chain courtesy CobraBraid

photo via Cobra Braid

These include the green Lyme disease awareness ribbon so you can be a tactical awareness activist operator. Sporting one of these shows you’re smart, prepared,and aware. Chicks dig that.

$5 for a chance to win.

Please go check out all the other great prizes in the main raffle post.

Here’s what you’ve got to do. Donate over at Bonnie’s place. Not me, you send me money and I will spend it gleefully and you will not get a raffle ticket. Email the paypal receipt to jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com. I will respond to your email. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, drop me a line either in my comment section or via facebook or any other means you know to get in touch with me. I am checking my spam folder daily just in case. I need you to tell me how many tickets you are buying in which bucket and what your  preferences are. (If you’ve already donated and sent your receipt, you should be getting an email from me soon asking these questions.) Donations can be split however you like. A $100 donation can get you either 10 $10 tickets or 5 $10 and 10 $5 tickets. Just let me know when you send in your receipt. (Non PayPal users please contact me for other arrangements.)

ETA: For the sake of my sanity, I have added a form. Please fill it out. It helps me out a lot.

Questions? Ask below. I’ll do my best. Now, get donating!