Unattended Bridge

Helen Thomas, your bridge is missing you. You filthy troll.

Calling her ugly has nothing to do with her appearance. It is far deeper than her skin.

Quick! Let’s Throw Cliches At The Oil Spill

In yet another effort to make something look pretty and yet be completely devoid of substance, the Federal Government has contacted James Cameron for advice on what to do.

Yes, that James Cameron.  As Hot Air says, they are completely out of ideas.

Because what we need here is a cast of bad actors playing 2-dimensional characters spouting some shallow drivel that sounds like a Disney story with less believability.  Maybe he could take a break from his next installment of the long tailed Smurfs Adventures in the Fiber Optic Forest to rework some trite cliche about the evils of big business and the military.  Oh wait.

Dear Residents of the Third Coast,

Unless you have magical USB ponytails that you can network into glowing trees that will compel lots of shiny animals to run to your aid, you’re basically screwed.  I’m sorry.  Maybe you could check with Michael Bay and try using a bunch of pyrotechnics instead?

Update: because I couldn’t let this just sit as a link in the comments.

Wow!  xkcd and I are both joking about talking to Michael Bay about the oil spill.

Call Your Representatives

Apparently, some legislators forgot who they are representing and backed down off the open carry bill in Oklahoma.  Obviously, I’m annoyed with the legislators, but this is what really stuck out from this story.

“How many of your constituents are clamoring to carry their guns out in the open?” Ownbey said. He said not a single constituent had called him to ask that he vote for the bill.

And this is where we lose ground.  We take it for granted that they know how we want them to represent us.  Honestly, I made this exact mistake myself.  When they originally passed it by a veto proof majority, I assumed they would override Gov Henry’s veto.  I didn’t call them.  I didn’t write.  I was one of the constituents that remained silent assuming they knew where I stand.

I won’t be making this mistake again.  The NRA provides a great tool to find all your representatives information.  It is right here.

I know there are very solid arguments regarding open carry.  And I honestly do see both sides of the issue.  And while there are certain tactical advantages to each open carry and concealed carry, there is no good reason for open carry to be illegal.  Each individual should be able to make the choice about what is the best carry method for them as an individual.  Criminals will behave one of two ways when they spot someone open carrying.  They will either move on to an easier target or they will shoot first.  Legalizing open carry allows the individual to weigh the risks and benefits.  It is also true that concealed carry benefits everyone because the criminals don’t know who is and is not armed and must weigh their risks accordingly, but passing open carry would not change that.  In fact, it could actually have even greater effect.  If the bad guy sees one handgun openly carried in a crowd, it would serve as a reminder that there may be 10 more that he cannot see.

Governor Henry, Stop Saying That

Because it just isn’t true.  You are a supporter of nothing other than your own political career.  Right now, you know you’ll never hold another office in the state of Oklahoma so you are doing what you can to earn political points with the fed.  You and the people of Oklahoma know it.  So stop lying when you veto the pro-gun bills.

I’m a strong supporter of the right to bear arms and have earned an A rating from the NRA, but this measure does nothing to strengthen 2nd Amendment protections,” said Gov. Henry. “We already allow trained and licensed Oklahomans to protect themselves by carrying concealed handguns, and it doesn’t make anyone safer to wear a holster and display that weapon to the rest of the public. On the contrary, it makes it more difficult and dangerous for law enforcement officers to try to sort out the good guys and bad guys when they arrive at a crime scene.”

via McCarville Report

No, you are not a strong supporter of the right to bear arms.  You chose to keep our laws that make getting caught in the wind with a light cover garment a criminal offense.  It would not make it any more difficult to sort out the good guys and bad guys at a crime scene.  You see, police officers show up after the crime has already occurred.  Just like with our current concealed carry laws, the good guys are the ones not committing the crime.  In fact, they are the ones that called the cops.  The bad guys don’t wait around for the police to show up.  Unless, of course, one of the good guys makes his escape more difficult.  Double tap to center mass has a tendency to slow the escape.

And again via The McCarville Report

I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and have earned an A rating from the NRA, but this legislation does nothing to protect an individual’s right to bear arms,” reiterated Gov. Henry. “What is does do is endanger citizens and law enforcement officers. It abolishes common sense regulations like background checks and gives criminals easy access to a wide array of weapons. This law would harm Oklahomans, not protect them. ”

The legislation would not eliminate background checks, nor would it have given criminals any access that they do not already have.  What it does do is encourage firearms manufacturing to move into Oklahoma thus generating more jobs and more tax revenue.

You earned that A rating back when you wanted the support of the gun owning community.  Now, it is clear that you no longer care about us.  You don’t need us anymore.  And we certainly do not need you.

Governor Henry

It is this kind of thinking that will get you replaced with a better model.  The people want open carry.  We will get open carry and blood will not run in the streets.  Your lack of faith in the people is appalling.  I’m on to you.  You aren’t really concerned about the law enforcement.  You know you aren’t getting re-elected and so you are hoping for some federal appointment.

“I will have to say, I share some of the concerns that have been expressed to me by law enforcement that the open carry makes their job more dangerous,” he said. “It makes it more difficult for them to distinguish between the bad guys and the good guys. So, I will take all that into consideration. I haven’t made a final decision yet.”

That’s easy, the good guys are the ones not committing any crimes.  There the ones not pointing their guns at the cops.  And according to the 2006 FBI study, criminals don’t open carry.  Which makes sense.  Criminals are already legally barred from owning and certainly carrying firearms.  Since the law is so effective, they don’t have any guns to carry, right?  No.  They just generally choose not to advertise their criminal status.

And then there’s your commentary on Arizona style immigration legislation.

He said he hasn’t read the Arizona law, but based on news reports, “I think it gets very close to racial profiling, if (it’s) not racial profiling.”

You haven’t read it, but you’re prepared to pass judgment on it based on news reports.  You know, OMG!  They are going to arrest people for breaking the law!

Maybe you could take a minute away from your busy schedule of fawning over Dear Reader and do something for your constituents.

Make It Illegalererererer

First they were going to call out the National Guard to deal with the rampant violence in Chicago.  Essentially, good men with guns to combat all the bad guys with guns.

But now Mayor Daley thinks he knows the solution.  More gun control.

“With the Guard coming in, it’s making a statement that your constitutional rights will be diminished,” he said. “They don’t have the training that Chicago police officers do.”

The mayor also sounded his familiar theme of needing more gun control laws and suggested Fritchey and Ford back him in those efforts.

“This is all about guns, and that’s why the crusade is on,” Daley said. “We hope to get their cooperation in Springfield.”

Funny that he pretends to be concerned about a person’s constitutional rights.

No, it is not all about the guns.  You are presiding over fish in a barrel.  Sitting ducks.  Easy targets.  The bad guys are always looking for the easiest mark.  A victim that poses them little to no risk.  A city with a disarmed population is just too tempting to pass up. The law abiding citizens are even following the stupid laws and are deprived of the most effective means of self defense.  It’s a criminal’s playground.

But I’m just certain that if you make it even more illegal for them to bring their illegally obtained handguns into the city where handguns are illegal they’ll suddenly stop committing the illegal act of murder.  Or maybe it’s that he realizes that gun control has nothing to do with preventing crime and everything to do with controlling the people.

Post Where I Applaud Obama

No, seriously.  He did something so absolutely right that I’m going to take the opportunity to applaud him.  In fact, he trumped Sarkozy.  Kind of sad that it’s the exception, not the rule, that the American President has more balls than the French one.  But I’m giving credit where credit is due.

Sarkozy hand delivered a letter from known rapist and pedophile Polanski to Obama.  And President Obama refused to even read it.

Well done Mr. President.  Well done.