Unable To Come Up With A Creative Title Today

I’m in a bad mood today. The very fact that I am in a bad mood is pissing me off because I have every reason to be in a good mood. But I have a headache. A bad one. Not a migraine, no, I thankfully haven’t had one of those in a while. But at least there are stronger drugs for those. I suppose I could take Excedrin Migraine anyway and then I could be hopped up on caffeine and pissed off because my head hurts.

I should be in a good mood though. Hubby’s Christmas present arrived in the mail on Saturday. I took it to rehearsal and showed it off to the choir. I got him this:
I wrapped it when I got home from choir rehearsal. Hope he doesn’t figure it out! Yeah, kidding. When he got home, we decided to do our Christmas early. We had strong suspicions about what we were getting for each other and didn’t want to put it off any longer. That, and it was looking more and more like Christmas Eve was just not going to work out as planned. Our suspicions were correct so I am glad we didn’t wait. It’s just no fun to keep secrets from each other. I was paranoid that I might be talking in my sleep.

He was very cute and romantic with his presentation. I opened a large box that contained a pair of candlesticks, some dark chocolate, and a bottle of red wine. The Watcher, in case anyone is interested. He asked if after nine years together, whether or not I would do it all over again if given the chance. I told him that of course I would. Then he presented me with my new very sparkley re-engagement ring. Don’t worry, I’ll post a picture later.

I got to show it off to the choir Sunday morning. The director’s husband actually offered me a bribe to not show it to his wife. Needless to say, I am not ten dollars richer. The very difficult anthem was beautiful. Later, we made an appearance at the Christmas party for our Sunday school class. That was annoying because they scheduled it the same night as the Christmas Cantata. Since I was the soloist, I kind of needed to be at the Cantata.

The Cantata was beautiful. I was lavished with compliments. By the way, here’s some free advice for you. When you go to compliment a soloist, don’t ever say, “I didn’t know you could sing.” Even though I appreciate the sentiment, there is no good way to respond to that. Besides, I’m a Soprano, we come prepackaged with a Diva Complex. Sopranos feed off compliments. Our heads swell and we become nearly intolerable. We learn special techniques to not become dizzy with the world revolving around us. I can’t tell you about them, that would be breaking the secret code.

Hmm, maybe that is the source of my headache. Upon returning to reality where I’m in accounting rather than gracing the stage with my presence, my head has been unceremoniously returned to it’s natural size. I did get to show off my new ring. The Ooohs and Aaahs apparently couldn’t maintain the appropriate cranial inflation. The headache set in after my show-and-tell was done. I’m sure the pressures will readjust eventually. But for now, my head hurts and so therefore, my mood sucks.

9 Years Today!

Nine years ago today, I married Michael (of Michael’s Soapbox). We are still blissfully in love, and each year is better than the last. We intend to remain newlyweds forever. I know, I didn’t give you enough notice to purchase gifts. Don’t worry, we accept PayPal 🙂

Funny how in this world, 9 years is quite an accomplishment. 50+ years is commonplace for my grandparent’s generation. Our generation has invented things like “irreconcilable differences” and “pre-nuptial agreements.” Many have changed their vows from “as long as we both shall live” to “as long as we both shall love.” What a difference one little letter makes. Too often, couples go into their marriages with an escape plan.

Marriage is an institution, and I have been committed to that institution for life. It does take some work, but it gets easier with practice and it’s worth it. Here are a few rules and pointers:

1. If you aren’t sure that it’s forever, you aren’t ready to get married.
2. Marry your best friend. Your friendship will be there during the times that the romance is not.
3. Schedule and budget for a date night every week once you are married. It’s important.
4. Dress cute for your spouse. It’s hard to see a person as sexy when they wear their sweats all the time.
5. No opposite sex friends allowed! You may think this person is just a friend, but they will become a threat to your relationship when times are tough. Your spouse should be the only one you are confiding those feelings to.

In a perfect world, no marriage would fail. Everyone would go into it with the right ideas and work through everything that came along. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world. I really do believe that if both parties work at it from day one, the problems will never be too big to overcome. But sometimes one partner gives up and it takes two to make it work. Sometimes a person can be fooled from the beginning. Everyone makes mistakes. Each situation is unique, and I am not condemning anyone who is in or has been in a failed marriage. My heart goes out to you. I’ll never understand, but the hurt must be terrible.

I would like to make an anniversary request. Hug and kiss your spouse. Tell him/her that you love them. Remember what made you fall in love in the first place. If you have stories, share them with me. Here, I will go first.

Michael and I met in 1998 in the music building at the university we were attending. He had a pseudo-girlfriend, but I didn’t really care. They were on what she called a “trial break.” I still think that was stupid and still think that meant he was fair game. Besides, I didn’t even know about her in the first place. He was standing in the hall talking to a mutual friend. I approached and announced that he looked like he needed a hug and proceeded to hug him. We didn’t even know each other’s names at the time. He asked the friend if he really looked that pathetic. She told him that no, I just thought he was hot. She was right. I obviously got his attention. It’s been nearly 10 years since that event, and I still think he’s hot. And I apparently still have his attention.

Check Mate!

My kid beat me at chess yesterday. First time ever. He was so excited, and I am so proud of him. He beat me fair and square. I did not let him win. It was a very clean check mate. I’m going to have to work harder to stay competitive with my 8 year old.

He had his first tournament on Saturday, September 29th. He didn’t win anything individually, but his team took first and second place. I’ve mentioned the Chess Club here before. These kids are really amazing. Provided my son can keep up with his schoolwork and behavior in class, his next tournament will be October 20th. He’s bound to just keep getting better. And I’ve already noticed a change in his level of motivation at school.

Feel free to visit IdaFreemanChess.com, shop in the store. It helps the team.