Ferrule’s Vet Visit

Had to take Ferrule to the vet on Thursday. He had a ruptured abscess on his left rear leg. Ewe!

So here’s how Thursday went. First there was the big news mentioned in the previous blog entry. Then we had a conference with Isaac’s teacher. It actually went pretty well. Isaac is a bright kid, but he has trouble with his schoolwork and is sometimes a problem in class. He is improving though. That was at 5:30. We finished there at about 10 til 6.

When we left the school, we ran home to get the cat for his 6 o’clock appointment with the vet. Before the parent/teacher conference, I had run home and harnessed the Ferrule and shut him in the bathroom since I am an idiot and had left the borrowed pet taxi at work. So we ran by the house and I hooked the leash to Ferrule’s harness and we were off! To Ferrule, the outdoors is very, very frightening so he began to scream and fight as soon as we crossed the threshold of the house. I suppose in some part of his mind, he remembers the hard life of a feral cat that he lived for the first 5 weeks before moving into the spoiled luxury of the Meezer house. So by the time I had made it the short distance from the front door to the car, he was in full panic mode.

So we got out on the road. Ferrule went into full throated, big diaphragm, Siamese yowls. If we had cracked a window, we could have pulled over traffic. Thankfully, the vet’s office is only a block away. Before getting out of the neighborhood, my mother called my cell phone. She was meeting us at the vet’s office to pick up Isaac since he was out of school on Friday. She has had a Siamese too and understood the yowl quite well. She was already there and waiting. I told her she would hear us coming. Upon arrival at the office, Ferrule decided that the torture device on wheels (the car) was much safer than anything in that complex must be and so therefore attached himself to the underside of my seat. I extracted his claws from there and removed him from the car. He immediately grabbed the nearest thing, me. We shouted our goodbyes to Isaac and my mother over his yowls and entered the office.

Once inside, he crammed himself behind my husband, of whom he is normally terrified. But when we go to the vet, I guess he assumes that the big scary guy from the house is scary to all the strangers too. Then he proceeded to empty 5 bladders worth of urine between the cushions of the couch. I’m not kidding. The nurse even commented about the volume as it was running out on the floor. By some miracle, it missed hubby’s designer sport coat.

Then it was off to the exam room where he hid under the chair. When the vet came in, I dug him out and placed him on the table. The doctor checked him out, said we did the right thing by cleaning out the gross ruptured abscess, and went to get his vaccinations. While the doctor was gone, Ferrule put his front paws on my shoulders, yelled in my face, and began to poop on the exam table. Guess he got self conscious when the nurse came in because he only got one tiny turd out. The vet laughed at him and gave him his shots.

Off we go to the front desk where he thought he might finish the pooping business. One hit the desk, two hit the floor before I got him to the adjacent toilet where he could finish the job properly. I’m sure we made quite an impression on the new vet.

He’s been taking his antibiotics like a champ and is doing much better now. I am sure the staff at the vet’s office are still talking about him. They will probably call on Monday; we will see if they are still laughing.

I have news! I have news!! With Long awaited update

But I can’t tell you what it is yet because it has not been officially announced. Stay tuned for updates. It’s good news!!

UPDATE: Sorry it took so long to update you. I got a promotion and raise! Hooray! It was announced to the group just before we left on Thursday. I didn’t want to risk my team finding out before it was official. They are really awesome and deserve better than that. Thursday evening was eventful (will write a separate entry for that) and Friday was busy.

The promotion is a little bittersweet because it comes on the heels of my boss leaving. I really likes working with him and will miss him a lot. He is moving on to bigger and better things though and I wish him the best. I did not move into his old position. I am now the AR Supervisor with 2 team members reporting directly to me. They will be filling his old position at a manager level but not real soon. I am very excited and will enjoy working with the people I have been given. They are both very talented, and I think they will do well.

Friday was busy at work because one of my team members already had the day off and the other called in sick. Yikes! That meant I was the AR department for the day. Guess I got to prove that I really do know how to do all the jobs within my department as well as close out the previous month. I did it, but it wasn’t fun. I’ll be really glad to have my team back on Monday.

Friday night was our First Friday’s wine share, so we didn’t get home until late. Thus the delay on the update. Very sorry. Especially to Kirsten. Didn’t really intend to hold you in suspense for so long. So have a glass of virtual champagne and celebrate with me.