The Geography of Politics Updated: Learn Something New Every Day

Politics is a messy landscape indeed. I honestly had no idea exactly how messy. Apparently, cities move from state to state. In an article about the recent fund raising success of Hillary’s campaign, they mention the cost of upcoming primaries.

Several of those contests – Indiana, North Carolina and Kentucky – are also home to pricey media markets. In Indiana, for instance, candidates must advertise in six markets, including ultra-expensive Chicago, to reach the entire state. (emphasis added)

Last time I checked, Chicago was in Illinois. I suppose I am probably using some outdated red-state map. Or maybe there is some special demographic that I am not aware of. Maybe the people of Indianapolis are strongly influenced by the opinions of the windy city. A-ha! That must be it! Influence blows in. I had heard something about the weather playing into this election.

Well we’ve known for sometime that the media blows, we just didn’t know how much.

UPDATE: I had no idea.

He also has some home-court advantages: up to 30% of Indiana’s Democratic voters live in the Chicago media market. The heavily African-American city of East Chicago is actually in Indiana.

via Time

Does “Happy Ever After” Match These Shoes?

I have beautiful brown shoes. I even have gorgeous orange boots. I have heels in a rainbow of colors. Seriously, until Crayola decided to redefine some colors, I had a shoe for everything.

But apparently, now that the Crayola 64 box has turned 50 years old, they have gotten senile. They have forgotten the basic color knowledge most people learn while mastering the art of standing. So they found some children that eat sunshine and crap rainbows to rename some colors. Because red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are so last century.

The new colors include Super Happy, Fun in the Sun, Giving Tree, Bear Hug, Awesome, Happy Ever After, Famous and Best Friends.

I had to quote it. Otherwise you would not believe me.  Why stop at 8?  Lets rename the other 56 crayons.  I’ll call the first one ‘retarded.’

I must now excuse myself.  I need some new sandals in ‘giving tree.’