Stolen!  It was stolen again!

I left for the weekend (pictures here), and they took it!

Bastards.  They stole the hour yet again.  I thought I could escape by watching sunsets and sleeping under a sky like this.

ripples in the sky

But they still got it.  Michael even had a lady friend helping with sighting in the new dissaptor conversion

Michael's lady friend

She may be cute, but she’s a predator, make no mistake.

And she recognizes a great tool when she sees one.

Rapture's target

Later, I tried to scare them away with a fire dragon

fire dragon

And yet, in the morning, although the impossibly blue sky denied it, the hour had been stolen

blue sky

Heidi tried to stand guard.  Maybe we need a bigger guard dog.

standing guard

But Liberty and I are at the ready.  We will get that hour back if it takes until fall!


It may take many trips to the woods and many rounds of ammuntion, but the hour will be regained!

Poop!! Or Adventures In Puppy Ownership

The princess pup made us miss church this week.

Yes, this one

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness.

I stepped out of the bedroom and the house had a new aroma.

It was earthy.  Not unlike poop.  In fact, just like poop.

I searched and searched.  I have a partially toilet trained cat that will use the toilet with help.  When I’m to lazy to get out of bed and help him in the morning, he will go beside the toilet.  I checked, no poop.

There was no poop anywhere to be found.  The smell was just simply everywhere.

And then I found it.

WARNING!  There is POOP below the fold

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My Dog Needs An Intervention PICs Added

The spoiled princess pup is recovering nicely from the removal of her reproductive parts.  As predicted, she was pathetic when we picked her up.

When the tech went back to retrieve her, we could hear her scampering and barking in the back.  As soon as she came through the door and saw us, her ears dropped.  She was no longer ambulatory.  She just flopped on the ground and gave me the sad look.  I’m a sucker for the sad look, and so I picked her up.  She then buried her head in my hair and cried.  She cried all the way home.

When we got home, I placed her near her water which she refused to drink.  She just sat in front of it and looked sad.  I gave her the pain meds assuming that she would go ahead and drink once she felt better.  Wrong!  Instead, she curled up on my lap and whimpered for the rest of the evening.  I decided that I didn’t really want to chance a dehydrated drama queen, I again attempted to entice her to drink.  I placed her on the floor with the water bowl right at her nose.  It wasn’t good enough.  I did get her to drink however.  I was successful in getting her to drink water that I dripped off of my fingers into her mouth.  Why yes, my back IS sore after being wrapped around her little paw.

She does seem to be feeling better and is now eating and drinking without assistance.  She is even taking her pain meds without resistance.  Actually, she’s a little too fond of her pain medication.  Last night, she was obviously suffering from some slight discomfort and I went for her meds only to find them missing.  Assuming I had misplaced them, as I tend to do with things, I went looking through the house.  They were no where to be found.

That is, until I looked into her crate.  There, tucked into the very back under the towel, was a little blue bottle with a torn label.  I’m no CSI, but the marks strongly resemble puppy bite marks.  (I will add a picture of the bottle later, you be the judge.)  Thankfully, the lid is not only child-proof, but puppy-proof as well.  Although I think I may have a problem if the puppy princess has begun hoarding pills.  And I thought Valium was the primary choice of drama queens.

The Evidence:

Below the fold, Heidi being pathetic

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The Dog!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted about Heidi.  Thought you might enjoy this silly picture.

The wrinkled face just lends itself to silliness.

She went to the vet to have her reproductive parts removed today.  The vet’s office called and said that she came through just fine.

I fully expect to pick up a very pathetic puppy this evening.  She’s quite the drama queen.

Last week, she jumped off the cat tree.  (Yeah, it was my fault that she was up there.  Now she climbs it on her own, but that’s another story.)  Apparently she hurt her foot in the fall.  She yelped and I immediately picked her up to check it out.  She was fine.  The joints all moved easily and there was no bruising or swelling.  She proceeded to cry.  And cry.  I set her on the couch where she laid down and held the injured foot up.  Hubby even had to carry her outside for her last bathroom stop before putting her to bed.  Apparently, I broke the dog.

She was still limping the next morning.  One problem though, it was on the wrong foot.  Goofy drama queen.  It’s a good thing she’s cute.  I think a crown would be more appropriate, but the goggles are just funny.  If I can find the right caption, maybe I’ll put it on a t-shirt.

Dog Days of Summer

Would not be complete without a dog. And so I am introducing the newest member of our household, Heidi.

She is a 5 month old Chihuahua mix. We don’t really know what she is mixed with-Shar-Pei maybe. She’s about half Chihuahua and half the neighbor’s dog did it.

She, along with her mother and siblings, had been dumped at the local PetCo. I don’t know what happened with the mother and siblings, but Heidi was taken as a foster by one of the PetCo employees. The local Chihuahua rescue was set up at PetCo on Saturday so he brought Heidi to hang out with them and hopefully find a permanent home. We saw her, loved her, and went home. We talked about it, cleaned out the living room, and went back for her.

Since we never have laid back Saturdays, she ran around town with us before seeing her new home. She visited F.Y.E and had dinner at a friend’s house. She even got to play with the friend’s horses and chase a few toads. (Which is really hilarious.) There were no puppy accidents at any of the places we visited. Hooray!

After bounding around and chasing the cat, she crashed out in my friend’s living room.

It really cracked me up when she twisted around, but the flash woke her up.

Apparently, her trip all over town and to the horse farm really wore her out. She crashed in the middle of the couch when we got home flanked by Michael and I and the cats. Emerson hisses at her and swats, but he hasn’t been using his claws. He’s just asserting his position as Alpha. I’m sure they will all get along just fine once the pecking order is established.

On Sunday, she found an old landscaping light in the yard which turned into silly antics.

She even ran around with it stuck over her muzzle like that. Sorry the picture is blurry, I was cracking up.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t really stuck. She was biting onto the socket inside the fixture.

After all the playing, it was time for a bath and the obligatory towel snuggle. Not even Ferrule could resist the serious cuddle action.

She has stayed quiet in her crate for each of the two nights that she has been with us so far. We’ve had 2 accidents, but she’s doing very well with that too. We now know that she will only do her business outside in front of an audience. Just letting her out in the back yard is not enough. We’ve also learned that she loves Dad. I’m sure there are many lessons to be learned in the next few weeks.

Isaac is out of town with his grandparents this week and does not yet know about the puppy. He’s going to be so excited. Best. Surprise. Ever.

UPDATE: For those of you on Dogster, here is the link to her page