Friday Fluff: Some things you can’t unsee

Today’s edition of Friday Fluff will disturb you.  Just letting you know.  You can’t say you were not warned.


So my friend sent me this picture.

I had the completely reasonable WTF response and decided to investigate further into this Hawtness website.

Some women have no shame. None whatsoever.

Oh yes, there’s more.
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Friday Fluff:The Spammer Edition

Am I the only one out there that gets really entertained by the random spam caught in the filter?  Sometimes I want to publish it just for the entertainment value.

click for biggification
click for biggification

MsIrene619 is so profound telling me “Your opinion is your opinion.”  Indeed it is.  This is a blog, there is a lot of opinion here. But Ted Kennedy is still dead.

Joker and Zoran using identical email addresses and posting from the same IP tell me they’ve seen it before.  Oh good.  I’m glad I didn’t imagine the news stories.  And ‘greatings’ to you as well.

And I’m so glad to have greatly added to Buy Spy Clock’s understanding of the Banana Phone.  I aim to educate.  Not only am I adding to the understanding of Buy Spy Clock, but I’m reference material for an apparent report on Grunge.

Cabo San Lucas Vacations?  There was no picture in this post.  Firefox 2, dude, upgrade.  It’s free.  I would give you permission to print it out, but that would require you be an actual person.

And the obligatory Engrish posting from Debt Relief, “Apologize for my bad english, I over its a gracious piece of your writing. Well I obtain faced alot of difficulties in this train but your article will definately eschew me in future. Offer You”

Er.  I suppose I forgive your bad english, but I really can’t figure out what you are attempting to communicate here.  Maybe it’s due to the diffculties in the train.  I suppose the internet connection can be spotty on the rails.  But I’m glad my article about my in-laws blogging will eschew you in the future.

I’ve already removed the epic link filled comments and the Viagra ads, but I didn’t want these little jewels to disappear without a little attention.

Friday Fluff: Banana Phone

Yep.  Say it with me.  Ban-An-A Phone

It’s like the anti bling.

You know, I have never thought to myself that my cell phone would be perfect if it just looked a little more like fruit.  And possibly much, much larger.

And how would you carry that thing around you ask.  Oh, a banana holster of course.

Because then instead of looking like some guy with a cell phone, you look like someone with quick access to their potassium.  At least it isn’t a banana hammock.*

No longer are you some texting hipster!  Instead you can be fondling your banana.**  (Well I should get some interesting new hits with that phrase.  Let’s say it again, FONDLING.  YOUR.  BANANA.)

And on that note, do you know what time it is?  Oh yes, you do.

*I am not responsible for any mental trauma caused by clinking that link

**Not legal in all 50 states

Hat Tip to Geekologie

Update:  I have now seen it all.  I swear, I had no idea this existed

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring


ring ring ring ring ring ring ring


Friday Fluff: Grunge?

Um no, this is not grunge.

For one, it fits.  And there’s color.  Bright colors.  Also, it appears to be clean as does her hair.  Her father may arguably have been the father of grunge, and her mother…well, she’s doll parts.  But for all of her faults, I’ve not heard of any ill thought exploits from her daughter so clearly she’s done something right.

I can’t get over the fact that she’s 17.  She’s a year older than I was when her father died.  Back when I was wearing grunge.  I know, me in Doc Martens and flannel.  I was young then.  (Although if it really did come back into fashion, concealment would never be an issue.)  And as a bonus, I’m a packrat and roughly the same size as I was then.

The outfit is quirky and cute actually.  It accentuates her long slender figure.  I’m also kind of loving the neck line that plunges into a lack of major cleavage.  It’s right on the line too.  It’s low enough to be sexy but not so low that it looks trampy.  The dress is long for my taste.  I think it should be hemmed above the knee.  Although the long length does give the her option of an ankle holster.  The boots are on the clunky side, and the sunglasses are not exactly flattering.  Purse?  Meh.  It could be a lot worse.  Big enough for a respectable sized pistol, but not the gargantuan bags that could hold a litter of puppies.  You know, like this kind.

Yikes!  I suppose if she had trouble getting a room she could always just curl up in that thing.  Or smuggle fruit.

Overall, Frances Bean Cobain did well with this one.  She looks cute and clean.

Friday Fluff: Intro

I’m experimenting with a new idea here.  There’s so much bad news in the regular cycle today, that I’m going to try introducing a new feature.  Friday Fluff.  It might be a bit of my own randomness, or I may decide to provide my commentary on something in the news.  The idea is that the Friday Fluff pieces do not actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Not that absolutely everything else I write about does matter.

Maybe I’ll highlight fashion, shoes, celebrities or other bits of fluff.  I don’t really know yet.  It’s kind of for me.  It’s depressing to focus on the moonbat blight on our otherwise lovely society.  So, I’m going to attempt to focus on fluff for one day a week. Don’t worry, it will still be snarky and I may still poke the liberals.  Come back tomorrow.  Hope you Enjoy.