Today’s Free Shooting Lesson

Because I know that you all are seeking shooting advice from me. So I thought I would provide a pictorial reference.

So, without further adieu….
Good Grip Technique
Here is a demonstration of good grip technique. Notice that the back-strap of my revolver is in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. This helps with recoil. Very important when shooting magnum loads.

Bad Grip Technique
Bad grip technique. Looks more like the movies, but is not a good way to shoot. This will slam that magnum recoil right into that thumb joint.

And why is that important? So your hand doesn’t end up looking like this.
This is why

Yeah, that smarts. Me, apparently not so smart for this particular range trip.

You know what else I learned that week? I hold my pen in exactly the same place as my incorrect revolver grip. I got to have a daily reminder for seven full days before the next trip to the range. And guess what? I didn’t make that mistake again.