You Heard It Here First, Folks

When this happens, I am apparently responsible

Zombie Moses in the hoochie mama summer casual uniform…

Well, you gotta admit, it beats Wayne LaPierre in fishnets and a bustier.

But I like it! If I can find a Charlton Heston mask, I’ll do Charlton in a hooker outfit and pushup bra if y’all put me in the top 3 in fundraising this year.

And now we have a glimpse into the madness that will be this year’s Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser. You might start saving your pennies now. September isn’t that far away.

Meet Sam and Help Kids With Cancer

Remember this?

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Yeah, you do. I did that for Madison and her mom. Madison’s battle is over, and she’s beyond any pain and suffering now. But I didn’t just do it for Madison.  I did it for kids like Sam.

You don’t know Sam? Well here’s his story.

I learned about Sam from a good friend of Sam’s dad, you all know him as MsgtB.

Sam’s dad thinks his mustache is only worth $500. I say F* that noise. As of this writing, he’s already doubled that. I think we can do better.

Sam’s going to get better. He’s going to have many years before he meets Madison. St. Baldricks funds the research to help kids beat cancer. That buys you enough karma points to go kick some puppies and tease some kittens with your tuna sandwich.

His donation link is here.


A Request

Spare a thought for my friend today.

Our beloved mistress of snark goes under the knife melon-baller today. She’s going to be just fine. I mean really, whose side do you want to be on? Tam’s or cancer’s?

I betting on Tam.

Guess What Is Here

Oh, I suppose I spoiled the surprise.

Need more?

So this beauty will not be staying in my house.  The Smiths don’t really know what to think of the interloper anyway.  That Diamondback with its backwards turning cylinder.

Tomorrow, we will learn who really owns this lovely revolver. It will ship with a custom holster lovingly crafted by EvylRobot of TheHolsterSite.  Hence why it is currently in my cluttered living room.

So here’s the deal for tomorrow.  I’ve got friends descending on my entirely too cramped house first thing in the morning.  Then we will join EvylRobot‘s grandparents for Thanksgiving.  This may very likely be the last Thanksgiving with his grandfather.  Of course, the doctors have been saying that since he was born,.  He’s 91 now. So take that for what it’s worth.

Then we will take the Robot clan on over to my family’s gathering at my mother’s house. Heh.  We’ll just leave that.

Once we retire back to our humble abode and apply an appropriate amount of adult beverages, we’ll draw names for the first drop of raffles.

What does this mean for you? Everything except the VIPER, JACK, and HEATH drawings will end tomorrow. (Will verify that before any names are drawn) You have until 7PM central time to get your entries in.

What will you see tomorrow? Not a whole hell of a lot.  Sorry.  There are several raffle entries from those who wish to keep their real names private.  I will let you know that it has been done.  I will be contacting the winners via email and will post results as soon as possible.

You have really done amazing things here.  Each of you that have donated to the cause should pat yourselves on the back. You’ve done something truly amazing for one of our tribe.  This is the very heart and soul of what families do.  Blood isn’t important. How very fitting that this happens on the day we all traditionally spend with our families.

Get your entries in. If you don’t hear from me, email me. Or comment.  Or something. I really don’t want to leave anyone out.

You people deserve a hearty round of applause.

Another Raffle!

Just in case you weren’t tempted enough by all the goodies on offer, check out the rifle Heath is putting out there. I don’t know the end date on his raffle yet, so you had better act fast.

Jay has the rundown on everything else. If you have donated and you have not heard from me in some fashion, get in touch with me. Comment, email, whatever.  I don’t want to miss anyone.  I am responding to each entry that I receive.

It’s My Pleasure, Really

All too often, when looking out across the jagged edges of your own life, the world looks like a cold and lonely place. I pass people on the street making empty eye-contact with strangers.  No spark of connection or care. Each and every one alone in the crowd.

But not me. I am wrapped up in something great.  A community connected with our glowing screens and keyboards. A family that cannot bear the thought of one of our own in pain.  One of our own in need. Plenty of flesh and blood families aren’t this good. It is my honor to be list keeper.  It’s a selfish thing almost.  I get to have the warm fuzzy feeling of being a part in this every time my email notification dings. I get to ‘hear’ you say things like

The ____ is freaking sweet!  I’d love to win that.  But really, having Tam healthy and happy is the best prize of all. [Paraphrased from several emails]

Indeed.  Everybody wins. You, me, Tam, and the bratty little sister of the gun-blogosphere putting together a care package.

I appreciate all the thanks I have received.  You are so very welcome.  Sure, it’s like herding cats, but they are all awesome cats that purr and lean in for head scratches as they pass. Not a single floor-pooper in the bunch!

I Am In Awe

You people continue to both amaze and humble me.  Apparently, pixels are thicker than blood.

Just in case you are under a rock in a cave on an island on Mars, here’s the sum-up because there is no time to explain.

One of our own got some not so happy fun news that comes with bills with commas. Since she happens to be the uninsured self-unemployed type, it was suggested that some of us could maybe chip in and do a little something to help.

Heh. This ragtag group of miscreants doesn’t do anything small.  Particularly when it’s our favorite sister of snark that is in need.

So, madness happened.  All kinds of things are being raffled off.  Jay is in charge of getting that information out there.  And I am the book-keeper.  I have mad spreadsheet skills, just saying.  Also, I know my carpal tunnel exercises and my chiropractor is paid up.  Challenge me, I dare you. I rock spreadsheets, workbooks, and databases for my day job.  You know what?  I think you just might be up to it, and I have at least one volunteer waiting in the wings. It’s not going to be easy though.  I’m serious; I dare you to try and overwhelm me.

Once we’ve figured out which pens we’re herding the cats into, all of you that have donated will begin receiving emails from me confirming what I show for your donation amount and which raffle(s) you want chances towards. Once I get through the backlog, subsequent donations will get an confirmation with 48 hours (probably much less).


If you have already donated and you do not receive an email from me by Friday, let me know.  Contact me by email (jennifer AT, hit me up on FaceBook, Tweet me @InJennifersHead, or comment here.  Heidi, the wonderpup, really hates pigeons so those messages never make it through.

For Tam

OldNFO is playing community organizer for this ragtag group of troublemakers. He wouldn’t do this for just anyone. For Tam, he’s making an exception.  The list is growing. Go check it out and donate.