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I promised a picture of the truck being offered by Rimfire Designs. Winner will get their choice of a truck, a wind chime with custom wind catcher (it does not have to be a dog), or custom handgun grips.

Also, you may have spotted a call to all the Browncoats in Brigid’s sidebar. That’s right, a boxed set of “Firefly – The Complete Series” has been generously put up for grabs by one of my favorite redheads. (I married my very favorite redhead.)

Really special thanks to everyone that has been donating, both raffle items and directly to Bonnie’s medical fund. You know what that makes you? Big damn heroes.

ETA from the craftsman in the comment section: 

To try and get as many entries as possible, I want to have two winners.  Each winner can pick their prize – grips, windchime or truck.

So donate early and donate often!  It’s for one of our own and I know times are tight, so thank you all for the support!

An Interloper in the House of Holsters

What is this?

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Wait a minute! That looks remarkably like a Viper by Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks.

It is! In fact, it’s a Right-handed Viper for a 5″ 1911 bbl with red ostrich. How’d that get in here? That sneaky snake. Going to have to harden the perimeter around here.

Something must be done. The Executives are not happy with a Viper in their midst.

I kid. Dennis has generously donated the Viper for the Evict Lyme FUNdraiser. We’ll be dropping this one in at $10 ticket level (tentatively). You know the drill, hit Bonnie’s tip jar and email me (jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com)

More Raffle Goodies!

Rimfire Designs is generously donating either a set of wind chimes with custom wind catcher.



or custom made handgun grips



Or a toy wooden truck (picture pending)

These are beautiful pieces hand crafted by an artist here in the US, and they can be yours if you’re lucky. And have a raffle ticket. These will be at the $10 donation level, and there is no limit to how many tickets you purchase. And each one helps Bonnie beat Lyme.

In case you aren’t aware of what this disease can do, Carrie has a very informative post about it. Short version, it sucks, and if you’ve been following Bonnie, you already know that the treatment sucks too. That’s on top of being expensive.

So far, we’ve got plushes that are famous on the internet, the essential travel guide for gun owners, paracord bracelets (not yet featured), and more. I got a couple of things in the mail over the weekend to add to the pot and more on the way. There’s even an interloper in the house of holsters. More on that tomorrow.

Don’t wait! Go ahead and get donating. Click me!

The Armed Traveler

Short version: Add this to your travel supplies. Now, skim and scroll for link and discount code.

The Armed Traveler is a travel guide for anyone wishing to travel with firearms. Most of us don’t have the time, patience, or law degree required to wade through the varied laws across the nation. This book does it for you. But it’s not just dry facts, there’s some humor interspersed here and there.

picture courtesy The Armed Traveler
picture courtesy The Armed Traveler

Instead of telling you what sights to see and where to eat, this travel guide is here to help keep the local jail off of your itinerary. They don’t generally have good food there anyway.

Also, you get to be awesome by buying it.

Um, Jen?

I know, that sounds kind of funny, right? But it’s all true. This is the magic word


Oh, don’t try to say it. Use it when you checkout.

What’s in it for me?

It gets you $2 off the cover price.

And how exactly does that make me awesome?

Well, that tells the author that you came from here and I make a commission*. Also, 50 cents from every sale until the end of July goes to Bonnie to offset her expenses while she’s fighting Lyme Disease. (You’ve seen the re-enactment, right?) My silliness aside, it’s a nasty battle and she’s going to feel worse before she gets better. She’s documenting what and when she can. Your support goes a long way not only in paying the bills but in lifting her spirits.

So, head over to The Armed Traveler and use the magic word at checkout.

Want to be awesome and take your chances at a book? Hit Bonnie’s tip jar cause there’s going to be a copy in the raffle.

Big thanks to The Armed Traveler for the support.

*Wow! Look at you! All the way to the end and reading the footnote. I love you people. Here’s the special footnote secret, there’s another magic word. SQWTN2013 For you, it works exactly the same way. Only that one gives Bonnie both the commission and the 50 cent bonus through the end of July. Nothing changes for you after the end of July, that’s just when the bonus expires.


Evict Lyme FUNdraiser Update

Some more raffle items are in the works and will be highlighted in more detail later once I’ve got pictures and things. There’s at least one holster; a choice of grip panels, wind chime, or wooden toy; steel roses (I’m going to have to buy those raffle tickets myself*. Wow!); Paracord bracelets in your choice of colors; and more. And of course, the plushes that starred in yesterday’s post.

To enter the raffle, head over to Bonnie’s place. In the upper left hand corner, you will see a tip jar. Click it and send money. These funds go directly to Bonnie via Paypal (non-paypal uses can get in touch with me for alternate arrangements). Paypal will email you a receipt. Email that to me (jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com) and I will get you entered. Expect an email confirmation from me within 24 hours. Once all the raffle items are finalized, I’ll get in touch with you for your ticket preferences.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. For items in my possession, I will take requests for additional pictures, information, etc.

*Kidding, but only because I’m taking myself out of the running for prizes. There’s that whole conflict of interest thing.

Of Uterus and Lyme, A Dramatic Re-Enactment

Starring your humble host, the Uterus provided courtesy of the super awesome people of, and Lyme Disease provided by the also super awesome people of It is based on the experiences of Bonnie and described using my extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology gleaned from years of experience in the field of accounting.

The scene opens with a uterus, Bonnie‘s to be specific. It was a happy uterus doing its happy uterus things.

Hello world!



One day, Uterus decided to go on an adventure in the great outdoors.

Hooray! Adventure!
Hooray! Adventure!

And that’s where she met Lyme Disease.

New Friend!
New Friend!

Lyme Disease seemed awful cute but kinda clingy and got into everything.

Um, personal space

And so she adopted him.

I told you to stay OFF the ovary!
I told you to stay OFF the ovary!

Uterus had been a model tenant up until she decided to go and adopt a pet spirochete. All its undulating made a real mess of the place.

Bad uterus. Lyme is a terrible influence on your behavior.
Bad uterus. Lyme is a terrible influence on your behavior.

To make matters worse, because of Lyme disease, Uterus got all twisted up and bonded with her neighbor, Colon. Colon has a very important job to do and can’t really be wasting time with Uterus and Lyme. And since Uterus refuses to get rid of Lyme, it has been decided that they need to be evicted from the neighborhood.

Final notice!
Final notice!

But as you all know, eviction is a difficult and expensive process, Bonnie is going to need all the help she can get.

and scene

My silliness not withstanding, Lyme is not a laughing matter. But we are going to do our best to keep the FUN in FUNdraiser.

Consider this the official pre-launch of the evict Lyme Disease fundraiser/raffle to offset Bonnie’s medical costs. There will be prizes, but you do not have to wait for the official launch to be entered. Receipts for any donations starting today done through Bonnie’s tip jar (top left) can be emailed to me for entry. (jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com)

Prizes will include the generously donated uterus and lyme plushes that starred in our re-enactment. Big thanks again to IHeartGuts and GiantMicrobes. In addition to monetary donations straight to Bonnie, I am also accepting donations of additional prizes to be added to the raffle(s). Hit me up on that same email.

Raffle tickets will start at $5 for the plushes. Other prizes/prices to be determined.