Flashing the Nerd Card

So my bloggy girlfriend is lamenting her nerdiness today. I thought I would come out and say that I too am quite the nerd. While she is recovering from tooth issues, I am going to share with you the DVD collection of the Hast household.

So here is the wide view

The DVDs

But I suppose that really isn’t good enough. Ok, the upper left hand side
Left Side

Yes, that IS in fact the Die Hard box set. Bruce Willis is so hot. Also the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Did you notice Shaun of the Dead? And some Anime because we really are that dorky.

And the lower left hand side.
Lower left
That just says it all doesn’t it? Buddy Christ, yellow submarine, ammo, and a classic Nintendo.

The upper right
Upper Right
Lots more Anime. Can you name the figurines?

And the lower right
Lower Right
Oh look! More Anime! And a satellite speaker from Radio Shack.

In case you have ever wondered, I am a bonafide nerd. I graduated with a 4.0 grade point average and my first job was at a comic book store. I can also quote the entire Phantom of the Opera from memory.

By the way, I am currently writing this on the computer in the living room which is hooked up to the home theater projector. Which means that my nerdiness is being projected on a 91″ screen. Freaking awesome!

Today’s Free Shooting Lesson

Because I know that you all are seeking shooting advice from me. So I thought I would provide a pictorial reference.

So, without further adieu….
Good Grip Technique
Here is a demonstration of good grip technique. Notice that the back-strap of my revolver is in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. This helps with recoil. Very important when shooting magnum loads.

Bad Grip Technique
Bad grip technique. Looks more like the movies, but is not a good way to shoot. This will slam that magnum recoil right into that thumb joint.

And why is that important? So your hand doesn’t end up looking like this.
This is why

Yeah, that smarts. Me, apparently not so smart for this particular range trip.

You know what else I learned that week? I hold my pen in exactly the same place as my incorrect revolver grip. I got to have a daily reminder for seven full days before the next trip to the range. And guess what? I didn’t make that mistake again.

Signs of Spring

Even though an entire hour was recently hijacked out of my life while I slept, I am enjoying the signs of the pending spring.

Here are the daffodils blooming in my backyard. I really like to cut a few and put them in a cobalt blue vase. Maybe I’ll take some to work this week.

This is the Bradford Pear blooming in the front yard. They are lovely to look at. If you aren’t familiar, never never never inhale while standing under a Bradford Pear in bloom. They are quite pungent and not in a pleasant sort of way. But it still makes for a nice picture.

And this is my very favorite part of the improving weather. Open toed shoes. I really need to redo my pedicure. Hooray for springtime! I’m so ready to say good-bye to winter.