Emerson: Head Sticker

Yep, I was inspired.

In Emerson’s continuing attempt to be Sunny’s running mate, he has decided to submit this picture.

Emerson head sticker

He understands that it may cause some controversy, but feels it is still appropriate. Displaying his love for Cuties makes him more real to the voters. By displaying his personality, he dispels any question about being just another politician. It also shows that he is unashamed to proclaim his feelings whether by sticker or raspy purr.

As no vice presidential selection committee has been announced to the public, Emerson submits himself to be vetted by the blogosphere as a show of faith in the grassroots support of the candidacy.

The kitties new toy

I don’t know why it is sideways. The video on my computer isn’t. If someone out there knows how to fix it, please let me know. Otherwise, just tip your head to the right and laugh.

Cat Pictures

I got the most reader response when I posted pictures of my cats. I guess you like them. Here’s another few pics

Ferrule has Frootbat Ears!

Looking all sweet and innocent

I have some really bad pictures of Ferrule that I took with my cell phone the day I rescued him. Maybe I will post that story sometime

Visitor Appreciation

Wow! I am so excited. I see that this blog has been visited by several people from The Daily Kitten. In addition to the people from the United States, I’ve had visitors from the United Kingdom, the Neatherlands, and New Zealand. All I can say is thank you guys! I have gourmet coffee, nice vintage wine, and wonderful stinky cheeses for you all to enjoy. And without further adieu, the thing that brought us all together in the first place, pictures of kitties. Please leave comments, I publish everyone that isn’t a troll.

this is Ferrule giving the camera some love. Really, he likes to play with the camera strap.

And here is Emerson. Looking at the camera so he doesn’t have to put his face in the cat butt in the background.
More to come as I have time. Love you all!!

These 2 were very special ladies. They were farm cats that lived at my great-aunt’s place. They were sisters and always had their litters at the same time and would raise the babies together. This picture was taken in 1990. The lovely Meezer sisters had disagreed on where the babies would be. We spent the afternoon watching one mom carry them to the well house and the other carrying them back out to the barn. My aunt finally decided to shut them all in the well house so she could keep an eye on them. In answer to a question, both moms would nurse whatever babies latched on. You couldn’t tell which mom they belonged to. Pretty lucky kids I think.