Ladies! Tan Your Tits! Burn your Boobs!

Let’s see what that does to my Google standing…

Seriously though, studies are showing that the much demonized sun is actually very good for us. Turns out, we need Vitamin D for lots of stuff way beyond the prevention of rickets. True, there are many supplements available, but with the supplements comes a risk of overdose. You cannot overdose of Vitamin D from sunlight however. Our skin is so well designed that it will only produce as much Vitamin D as our bodies need. Pretty nifty huh? Hard to believe we just evolved that way. (Yeah, I’m thinking not)

And guess what German researchers are saying?

Women with less vitamin D in their blood are more likely to get breast cancer

Hence my snicker-worthy post title.

My own mother is technically a breast cancer survivor. That sounds tons bigger than it really is. They caught her tumor so early that the doctor called it stage zero cancer. He took it out and nuked the area for good measure. (The procedure is called mammosite and is far more sophisticated than nuking.) She will find out for certain that she is cancer free sometime next week. Her great big scary cancer battle lasted a whole tremor inducing month. I think it’s pretty freaking cool than they can detect such a thing so early.

I’m really amazed that they have come so far and yet still have so much to learn. We’ve heard for so long that spending time in the sun is going to doom us all to skin cancer. But there really is such thing as a healthy tan. I’m not advocating the leather making sun-worshiping of the 70s, but blue-white skin isn’t healthy either.

So, don’t be afraid to get a little sun. You don’t even have to do it topless. The Vitamin D produced in you arms will reach your tatas.