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You may notice that I am not yet a Facebook fan. That is because I have not yet taken the plunge and created a Facebook account. Someday, I may give in…

New Holster

I came home the other night to find the most beautiful black holster sitting on the kitchen counter.  It was built special for a friend for his woods carry.  Honestly, after all the great colors, I doubted that a black holster could be so gorgeous.  Sometimes it is such a shame these things need to be covered up.  Seems especially true for my new zero cant J-frame holster with a sunburst dye job.  Yeah, you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Visit TheHolsterSite.com to see them.  Visit often to see what’s new.

*Why yes FTC.  These holsters help put food on our table.

The Holster Site

Have you visited yet?  No.  Well what ever are you waiting for?


Clicky.  Clicky.  Clicky.

You know you want to.  There are lots of colors.  And you are not at all limited by what you see there.  Want something else, just ask.

Oh and FTC, the items on TheHolsterSite were built in my living room.  Heck, the website was built in my living room.  Am I biased?  Yep.  I think my hubby builds some of the best and certainly the most unique holsters on the market.

I’ve been wearing this one for quite some time now and it still sits just and high and rigid as it did the day it was built.  The color is still startling, and it still retains the gun just like it did on day one.  It’s comfortable and the draw angle is easy.  I barely notice the weight of my stainless steel J-frame on my belt.  (Get a good belt.)  I’ve not done anything for maintenance on it either.

I highly recommend and endorse the products on TheHolsterSite and would even if I wasn’t sleeping with the holster maker.

And We Have Launch!

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend.  As you probably already know, the hope and change hit hubby’s job.  Well instead of sitting around wondering what to do, we decided to really launch the holster business that we’ve been playing around with.  And so we spent the weekend coding and writing and editing pictures to bring you…


There is still some tweaking and cleaning up to do, so please pardon our left-over construction mess, but it is live and functional.  Please visit often as we will be updating it regularly.  Michael mostly, but I’ll pop in from time to time.  And you’re sure to see plenty of my butt modeling the new stuff.  (Hmm, maybe I can call a gym membership a business expense.)

So visit and let us know what you think.  Is there anything you’d like to see?  Do you have any questions?  We’d like to add a frequently asked questions feature so we’d love to know your questions.  And remember, inquiries are free.  If you’ve got something unusual you’d like wrapped in leather (wow, that sounds kinky) drop us a line.  Really, he’d make a holster for your garden shears if you’d like.  Please peruse the site and give feedback.