Swarm Anyone? *Action Item

Van at furiousBlog has a tremendous suggestion today.

Apparently an Austin high school student was suspended from school for taking a call on his cell phone.  That would normally be standard procedure, but this call was from his dad who is serving in Iraq.  They had made arrangements for this very scenario.

At Copperas Cove High School, 85 miles from Austin, Texas, students are not allowed to carry cell phones in school. But Pat Hill says before leaving for Iraq, her husband had made a special arrangement with the assistant principal.

In spite of this arrangement, Brandon Hill was suspended from school.  He is back in class now, but that’s not the end of it.

In a written statement, the superintendent’s office stated that “in an emergecy situations there are procedures in place to address those individual situations. This is true for all of the students in our district. The incident in question occurred almost two weeks ago and has been resolved.”

But the boy’s mom says the school won’t address her request to have the suspension removed from her son’s record–a battle she’s fighting here, while her husband is fighting for freedom.

This incident has not been “resolved” as long as there is still a black mark on the student’s record.  These soldiers fighting in Iraq have limited opportunities to talk to their families.  The ability to do so is of utmost importance.  The effect on troop morale is immeasurable.  And with each of those phone calls there is the very real possibility that it could be the last one.  They don’t need the additional worry of getting their kids in trouble with a phone call.  Educators should be far more grateful to the troops and all they do.

Van’s suggestion is that we all email the principal.  Her name is Carol Saxenian at saxenianc@ccisd.com.  I think the idea is brilliant.  Tell your friends.  Post it in your blogs.  While you’re at it, go visit Van’s blog and give him some love, he needs it.

Buy This Book

Yes, I mean it. Personally, I preordered a signed copy from Michael Yon’s website. There may still be a few remaining. If so, go get it directly from him. If not, you can get it through the link above or the one in my sidebar. If you order it from me, I will get a percentage. Or you can just randomly throw money at me if you prefer. Ammo is expensive. Seriously though, this guy is well worth supporting.

Michael Yon is a journalist embedded with troops in the Middle East. He is not supported by the MSM and thus tells the real story. He is supported by his book sales and donations from his readers. I’ve been following his blog for several months now. It is nothing short of awesome. There is so much that we don’t hear through traditional news sources. He has taken some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. It’s easy for the MSM journalists to spout propaganda from the safety of US shores. It is quite another for an independent journalist to pack up and head to a war zone. He is putting his life on the line to tell the real story of the brave men and women fighting to make the US shores so safe.

Berkeley vs The Marines

The Problem

As you may have expected, I have a solution. And being a blogger, I am in such a position of authority to present my solution to all who might deem it worthy of reading.

I think the Marines, actually all military entities, should listen to the protesters and council members and immediately vacate Berkeley. I think they should bow to the city pressures and create a city with absolutely no military presence. I know what you’re thinking, hear me out. I think they should then make known to the entire world that the US military has no presence in Berkeley. The military should remain absent from Berkeley until such time as the opposition to them is no longer present.

I give it two weeks.

Notice I did not say that the military should not return until they were invited back. As soon as the unfriendly people of the world learned there was a place on US soil with absolutely no military presence….well let’s just say the opposition would be begging and pleading for the Marines to return to kill those “Exciting and Unusual People.” The appropriate ass-kissing would be offered. But, as I said, the military should not return until these people are gone.

Think of the tax dollars that would be saved. Anyone with a brain in Berkeley would follow the Marines out. We can let the resources of one of our enemies eliminate some entitlement hungry moonbats. Then the Marines can come in and wipe out the enemy without all the travel expenses. Everybody wins!